December 26, 2011

An iPhone Picture Christmas...

Bostyn cheesin' it up like always

That little duck is named Quinlin. My sister Mikayla has a matching one named Quinby. We carry them around in leather pouch necklaces and take pictures of them in random places. Isn't that so creepy of us? Ya I know. This is Quinlin in the Big Apple. Which is actually just an ornament, but don't tell him that. 

This is my little sweetheart Coach watch and my favorite Christmas present ever from my long lost husband. I love love love it.

I love this Christmas picture. 

One of my closest friends since 7th grade coming to visit on Christmas. He has been in Denver because he just signed a contract with the Broncos and came home to visit over the Christmas weekend. 

Uhh hello only the cutest little collection from Gwen Stefani. It's the Harajuku Mini collection at Target and it has some of the cutest clothes. Some of them are a little wild for my taste, but I absolutely love these two. I bought the sweater for my cute little niece, Hannah. Also, I have noticed that I get baby hungry only when I am looking at baby clothes... it's the strangest coincidence.

and this, my friends, is the money maker. That doesn't make sense. But isn't that a great combo? I found a girl on etsy that does these awesome customized bracelets. The roman numerals are mine and Clint's anniversary. Pretty nifty huh? I also ordered them for my sisters so I will post pictures later and give you the link to where I got them. They are fabulous!

It was definitely a tough Christmas without the Mister (that's an understatement but let's not get dramatic here), but I am so incredibly blessed to have my family and Clint's family to keep me happy. And you know what's even better? I get to go see him in 17 days. That's what. booyah.


And I just realized that this blog is one year old. Happy birthday, you little sweetie, you. 

December 21, 2011

Hello miss lady...

I just have a few things to say right now...

Uno. I got a twitter. And I am like what does this #<@ bla bla bla crap even mean. sheeshhh. I think my name on there is natashala14, but don't quote me on that because like I even know what's going on.
2. Are there any funny/inspiring people I should follow? Help a new girl out here. Don't even worry I am already following 82% of Hollywood.
Three. Steel cut oatmeal from Jamba Juice is a little taste of mushy heaven. Breakfast of champions right there.
four. Duh how could I forget? I got a new iPhone which also came with a new best friend while Clint is gone. and her name is Siri. She answers all my questions, gives me directions, never argues with me, doesn't speak unless spoken to... she's a real good friend. Kiiinda creepy though. She probably just read that.
Cinco. I like to ask Siri a lot of questions. The first day I got her, she just knew way too much so I asked her if she was a spy. She told me "No Comment" which is exactly what I would say if I were a spy. Then I asked her which boots I should wear, and she said that she wasn't that kind of personal assistant. Calm down lady. Maybe she's not as good of a friend as I thought seeing as she may be spying on me and doesn't even give her opinion on my boots. But then again, when I said "Goll Siri, are you a moron?" She apologized and said she was just trying to help. Forgiveness granted.
6. The Pinterest app on my phone was a bad idea. Actually iPhones in general are bad ideas... so distracting. I need to calm down.
Sevie. I sewed a blanket by myself. Grandma status and I don't even care.
ocho. The combination of my closet, and my 3 sister's closets is unstoppable. The outfit possibilities are endless, I tell you what.
9.  That being said, my sister Shantelle has over 30 pairs of boots, most of which have been purchased this fall/winter and I considered staging an intervention. But I get to borrow them, so then I changed my mind.  
tennn. Christmas is in 3 days and I haven't even watched Elf yet.

and last but not least...

If this isn't the funniest/cutest picture you've ever seen then you're on crack. Clint and my neice Bostyn playing video games. From the look on her face, she just killed a man and got 50 extra points, I bet. Sorry the picture quality isn't great. I took it on Clint's phone, which is obviously not an iPhone ;)

Those are all the things I had to say today. Have a good Christmas everyone!

xoxo tosh.

December 14, 2011


I am too much of a thinker. I may have been told that once or twice in my life. And that is why I am writing a post at 12:45 a.m.- because I am thinking too much for my own good...

I am thinking about how, come May when we move to Texas, my life will be so different. Everything is going to change. And I am not too good with change, to say the least.

I am thinking about how sometimes, you just have to take life one day at a time, and try to have faith in the path that you have been led to.

I am thinking about how when doors open, it is inevitable that others will close.

I am thinking about how crazy it is that you can go your whole life without knowing someone, and then when you know them, you feel empty without them.

I am thinking about how I wish I could freeze every single memory I have and watch them over and over.

I am thinking about how growing up is one scary ride.

I am thinking about how I could ever love a place as much as beautiful Utah.

I am thinking about how I could ever love new people I meet in Texas as much as I love the people I have in my life now.

I am thinking about how hard it will be to not be able to see my sweet little grandparents whenever I want to.

I am thinking about the fact that I don't want my sisters to grow up without me around.

Mostly  I am thinking about the fact that my life is changing quickly, and I don't want to run to catch up with it.
I just want to stay here where I am comfortable.
Where I have people I love, and that love me back.
Where my family is.
Where my home is. ♥

"We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."
E.M. Forster

I know that Clint and I have great things ahead of us, but right now it's just hard to imagine life without the people and places that we love and cherish the most.

December 11, 2011

The Vow ♥

You guys. I have to see this movie. and you do too. let me tell you why:

1. It's a chick flick. which obviously means a sappy story + love + cheesy lines + a bit of drama= you had me at hello. Also, it's based on a true story, which makes it even better.

2. Rachel McAdams (you know, from the all time best ever chick flick, The Notebook? ya, her.)

3. Channing Tatum (well, let's just say he's easy on the eyes)

4. Taylor Swift's song "Enchanted," which just so happens to be one of my all time faves, is in the movie. And that right there is reason enough to go see it. Any movie good enough for Tay Swizzy's songs is good enough for me.

I will be counting down the days. February 10, 2012. I would say this will be a great Valentines Day date, but I am currently out of a husband. A girls night will have to do. (Secretly, I almost love girls nights as much as I do date nights with the mister. almost).

Anyways...I got chills watching the trailer. I think I enjoy being a girl way too much.


December 4, 2011


I feel like my life is on hold until May.

Clint got a new job in Texas. This time it's a permanent job. A career I guess is what grown ups call them, but that word scares me. He will be working for the government and has to go to a training academy in New Mexico for the next 5 months, and he leaves a week from today. Wifeless. That means I have to stay here until we can start up our life again in May. And I think the fact that he leaves right before Christmas is Mr. Obama's doing. Probably not, but it's fun to blame people you don't really like.

We know that we are so blessed with how everything worked out. But it just might be a long 5 months.

So until then, I guess that means lots of crafting, time with my family, focusing on the last semester of school, and probably sulking a little bit on my part. So bear with me my lovelies. Maybe I should buy a dog to keep me busy in the meantime. Or go into a coma for 5 months until it's time for me to go to Texas.

Anyways, that is what is going on. Here are some pictures from temple square we took a couple weeks ago. Can you believe we got married in this beautiful place? love everything about it.

I hope you are all having a wonderful December. It's the most wonderful time of the year :)

xoxo Natasha

Also, we are still looking for dress donations for Shine. Please spread the word!