October 19, 2011

Forget Me Not

This is one of my favorite talks ever given. It was given at the General Relief Society Conference a few weeks ago, which is part of the LDS church's general conference.

If you haven't heard this talk, I strongly encourage you to listen to it. You can also read it by clicking here, but the way that President Uchtdorf delivers this talk makes me feel so much more by listening to it. I truly felt the love of our Savior through President Uchtdorf's words.

If you are not of the Latter Day Saint faith, I would still encourage you to listen to this because it is a message to all women about the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for us. It is a powerful message of encouragement directly from our Father in Heaven.

I find it comforting to know that in such a fast paced and chaotic world, with so many mixed messages telling us how to act, what to wear, and what to look like, I can always always turn to the simplicity that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings to my life. I find it comforting to know that when I am feeling discouraged or down on myself, I can find peace in the words of the Book of Mormon, messages given by the apostles and prophets of our church, or through a simple prayer. I find it comforting to know that I am never forgotten, and I hope that if you haven't already, you can come to know this as well.

Have a great night beautiful lady :)

October 15, 2011

2 Year Report

It's been two years since Clint and I were married. You may ask why I am blogging on this day, but the little guy is asleep because we have been partying it up in Park City. and by partying it up I mean playing cards until 2 a.m. with friends, waking up early to go play tennis, and a long day of shopping and driving around this beautiful place. that's the married definition of partying it up.

So because I am not super into posting extremely gushy, lovey, embarrassing stuff, here's just some marriage stuff and what not, with just the slightest bit of gush. bare minimum.

I never realized how bossy and impatient I am until I got married. A shout out apology to all of my friends and family that have dealt with this character flaw for my entire life. Now go get me a drink. 

In the beginning, one of the hardest things for me was not being around my family all the time, especially for holidays. I think everyone goes through this. Unless of course you somehow have the same parents and siblings, which in that case you should probably keep that to yourself. 

When we first got married, we said we would probably have kids after 2 years. I am here to tell you that 2 years comes way faster than you think. 

Speaking of kids, I probably ask Clint on a daily basis if he likes one name or another that I come up with. He does the same thing to me with cars. And even though I don't really care about cars, and he doesn't care about baby names while we don't have babies, we just humor each other and pretend we care. That my friends is the formula to a successful marriage haha. 

He has more shoes than I do. Sometimes I like to call him a diva. 

With how crazy and unpredictable life is, I love knowing that I have someone to go through every crazy, exciting, tragic, unexpected thing with. My favorite part of marriage. 

Clint likes to do laundry. Launder away my dear. I don't even care if you bleach my clothes. That's a trade I am willing to make. that's probably not true, but still. 

The other day I came home from school and it was about 1:00. Clint was eating a dessert that his mom had made for us the night before. I didn't see any dishes or any other trace of him eating normal food, so I asked him if that was the only thing he had eaten that day. He told me no. And then he informed me that he had also drank chocolate milk. Who needs kids when you have a husband? 

Sometimes we joke about not knowing how we got married because in a lot of ways, we are complete opposites. I am a semi health freak, he likes chocolate milk and brownies for breakfast (and lunch. and dinner). He loves bright colors, I am more of a neutral color person. He is more of the type who only talks when he has something to say, I talk 24/7 about nothing of relevance or importance. He loves going to movies, I am not a fan. He loves guns, I sometimes want him to shoot me with those guns when we make a stop at Cabela's. He is completely laid back, I will probably have ulcers or a heart attack in the next year because I stress about everything. Anyways... you catch my drift. We even each other out pretty well I would say. 

Everything goes smoother in marriage and life when you have family prayer and scriptures.

In the past I have found myself just saying that I can't wait until we can get a house, until we are done with school, until our life isn't so crazy, until we can actually settle down and stop moving like gypsies. But then I realized that these are some of the best years in our lives and that if you are constantly waiting for the next big thing in your life, you'll miss out on where you are at now. 

Right now, I love our crazy school and work schedules, moving and living in new places, our little apartment, and our late nighters doing homework (more like I do homework and Clint plays video games. He is one of those people that doesn't have to study and can get A's in everything. kill me.) Long story short, our life is hectic and so many things happen last minute or unexpectedly, but I absolutely love it. 
I say it a lot, but we are so incredibly blessed.

oh weird. I thought this was us. How did that get in there?