August 13, 2011

this little ray of sunshine.

I promised my little sister Mikayla that she would get a blog post of her own. Today is her 15th birthday and so I figured today would be a good day for it.

15 things about kayla...
uno. When she was little she had a huge head. And we still make fun of her for it. Luckily she grew into it. Almost. ;)
two. She is athletic, but is a girly girl at the same time. When she was younger she could beat her guys friends at anything. Speaking of which, she probably has more guy friends than girl friends.
3. We have the exact same sense of humor and it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. [maybe because she laughs at all my jokes.] Kayla, you muggle.
four. She is going to be a sophomore, but she made varsity cheer. no big d. 
cinco. she memorizes songs like it's nobody's business.
6. she is legittt at lacrosse. She got nominated by her coach for All American this past year as a freshman.
seven. She is the new mia maid president. that's my girl.
ocho. She has the same birthday as my dad. 
niiine. She has the cutest little freckle right above her lip. And also she has some biiiiig ole lips.
10. she beat me in an arm wrestle a couple of months ago. I'm still upset.
eleven. I have literally never met anyone that loves nutella more. The girl eats it on everything.
twelvy. We have matching friendship ducks named quinby and quinlin that we so happen to carry around in leather pouches. 
13. She's not afraid to make a fool out of herself and doesn't care what other people think.
4teen. She loves Tay Swizzle just as much as I do. And any friend of Tswift is a friend of mine. 
fifteeeeen. she is beautiful inside and out.

I love you kayk and I'm proud of the person you are. You little heart breaker, you. Happy Birthday. Quinlin says happy birthday too.


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