March 28, 2012

A recent fave.

"Poison and Wine" by the Civil Wars

"I don't have a choice, but I'd still choose you."
[By the way, this is three posts within one week. On. A. Roll.]

March 25, 2012

The Good Stuff ♥

The lovely things that are making me smile...

The fact that I am making the great escape from this thing we call higher education in exactly 26 days. Goodbye college. For now at least.

pastel pink. I don't think there's ever been a time in my life that I didn't have a section of pastel pinks in my closet. And I'm a firm believer that men love women in pink. True story, go ahead and test that theory. you can thank me later.




source: pinterest

and let's not forget to mention this whole outfit is to die for.

Green tea. Brings a little happiness to the soul, is what it does. Plus it speeds up metabolism so it's a win win.

The fact that my sister got a blog. She doesn't have a lot of posts yet, but this day has been way overdue. We are thinking of putting our brilliant minds together and starting a combined blog. Sounds golden.

birds chirping. sun shining. flowers blooming. and all things spring. It's just a refreshing time of year. And spring time also means doing homework outside on the grass, which is just a fabulous way to do things if you ask me.

General conference that is coming up in one week. It humbles me that our Heavenly Father speaks to us and guides us today through our wonderful prophets.

The fact that Clint is in baby mode and keeps trying to talk bribe me into having a baby (isn't this usually the other way around?). And even though I tell him not yet, it's still just so cute how sweet he is with babies and how much he looks forward to being a dad.
His dad skills. Painting Chloe's nails.

My absolutely wonderful sister-in-law who I can talk to about anything and everything. She's the big sister I never had and I love her for it.

My amazing smoothie making skills. I am not good at doing anything food-related (except for eating it. which I consider myself an expert at) so this comes as a surprise to me. You may think making smoothies aren't very hard to make and that's semi true. But it's easy to make a gross tasting smoothie when you're adding spinach and other veggies- but I have to admit, I have yet to make a nasty smoothie. (takes a bow).

Colored pants and capris. I'm loving this trend. It just adds so much to any outfit. I bought myself some cute coral colored and yellow capris at Target (oops. Sorry I went there again). I'm on the hunt for some mint colored ones now.

source: pinterest

Speaking of Target. The fact that Clint wanted to send me something just to be nice, so what does he do? Sends a Target giftcard. The man knows the way to my heart, I tell you what.

last but not least, this texting conversations recently held between Clint and I. (and if you're not a Harry Potter fan, this won't make sense to you most likely).

There are just a lot of things to be happy about in this world. and I like it that way. :)

I hope everyone has a great week.

xoxo, Tosh.

March 20, 2012

Just a little adventure, is all

In a post I wrote a couple weeks ago I mentioned that a major weakness of mine is staying in my comfort zone- and that is something that I definitely need to change. So I'm trying this new thing, called trying new things. Sounds interesting doesn't it? 

And sometimes, you just take baby steps to strengthen weaknesses such as this one. But then other times, you just book a trip to Belize with one of your best friends to work in an orphanage for two weeks while your husband is gone.

And that, my friends, is exactly what I did.

This ship is leaving it's safe harbor :) 5 more weeks and I am out of here. booyah.

I am beyond ecstatic to fulfill this lifelong dream, but it still hasn't completely hit me that it's actually happening. 

Which reminds me, I need to call my mom to see if she can come with me while I get my travel vaccinations tomorrow. I'm such a child. 

Apparently that ship hasn't quite left the harbor yet, eh? haha dang it. 

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."
That sounds about right. 

guys. I love you. that's all.

March 16, 2012


Here are some basic facts...

I think my mom was amazed at my ability to do some serious work at Target when we went shopping yesterday. I have been blessed with a true talent.

I said it on twitter, and I'll say it again. My husband being gone is really taking a toll on my bank account ;) I get bored. I shop. It needs to stop, I am aware of this. And that's the first step to recovery, right?

If you follow me on pinterest, your assumption may be, "Well, that Natasha sure doesn't have a life. She's always on this thing." In which case, your assumption would be correct. Congratulations.

Well the time has come where I have given myself a reality check, and no, I will not be spending $800 on this Louis Vuitton purse I have been lusting over. But you guys, the deal is that everyone in Texas has LV bags... and I'm going to be the new girl in Texas, and I just want to fit in. that's all. That's a decent justification isn't it?
I wish. Truthfully, I couldn't bring myself to spend that money on a dang bag. That's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. But there is this other bag.... Kate Spade. I'm a recent appreciator of Miss Spade. I love her. This bag is still $400 or something like that. and you better believe that's not happening either.

I graduate in 35 days. Is that wild or what? I am pretty sure it was just 2 months ago that I graduated high school. Time flies.

Ok that's about it. I need to go get my fitness on. But you guys... I have some exciting news. But I have to wait until next week... so keep posted.

In  parting, I will leave you with this fine question of wisdom...
Why, Yes. Yes I do.

 xoxo. Natasha

March 6, 2012

You need one.

So  a while back I posted this picture of an adorable cuff I bought on Etsy that is personalized with mine and my husband's anniversary date in roman numerals.

I really love personalized gifts. I mentioned that I got these bracelets for my 3 little sisters as well. So here's a picture. Mikayla's is the one on the left and it says "Fearless XIII." She loves Taylor Swift (runs in the family), and loves the Taylor Swift Fearless quote, song, album... basically just everything Taylor Swift. Mariah's is the next one and it says "Stay Beautiful ♥"... which may or may not also be a Taylor Swift song. What can I say? Mine is on the right because my sister Shantelle wasn't there, but hers is the date her daughter was born in roman numerals. (Sorry the picture isn't great, I didn't realize until I pulled it up on the computer.)

These bracelets come in brass, aluminum or copper, and you can buy them in different widths and use different fonts. You also have the option of putting little symbols on them (like the heart on Mariah's), and they really aren't expensive at all. I think I paid $16 each.

The only thing I didn't like about them is that they are kind of rough on the edges and they scratched my skin, so I had my brother in law sand them down and now they don't scratch at all. I'm not sure what he used to do it, but if you're interested, I can find out. 

So go check out Spiffing Jewelry


March 1, 2012


Have a beautiful beautiful beautiful day :)

(And also I'm posting this from my phone, so I have no idea what it's looking like. Sorry if the layout is wild.)