July 25, 2011

it's a lady thing...

Do you know what I think is one of the biggest things that girls of my generation are missing?

A little self respect and c l a s s.

To me personally, being classy is one of the most beautiful characteristics a woman can have.

It means you have respect for yourself. It means you know the beauty and empowerment of being a lady. It means you are tasteful in the things you say and wear, in the way you treat other people, and in the way you act.

Maybe it's just me, but I see a beauty in being classy; I see a beauty in femininity, in being sophisticated, in being polite, in being lady like and in being warm hearted.

Don't take what I am saying too extreme. I am not saying that girls have to act like we are living in the 1800's. and I am also not saying that you have to be a goody two shoes to be classy. What I am saying is that women have fought hard to get to where we are at now- to have the same rights as men, and for people to respect women as equals. But I think in order to maintain respect from people, you have to also show respect for yourself. You have to be proud that you are a woman and that you have the ability to be strong, and at the same time be gentle. To be confident, but at the same time humble. To be willing to put time and effort into the way you look, but not be self indulgent. To be able to have fun, but not be known as a party girl.

Classy is respected. Classy is intriguing. Classy is admired. Classy is inspiring. Classy is hard to come across these days, but Classy is beautiful. So don't sell yourself short, ladies. You're better than that.


...oh and let's get real here and give a shout out to Kate Middleton, the epitome of class. You knew I had to throw her in here. I couldn't help myself. 

July 21, 2011

I miss Utah for...
the radio stations.
the weather. especially on summer nights.
the happy, friendly people. (and seriously Delaware accents will be the death of me)
the mostly nice drivers.
laughing at stupid things with my sisters.
the gorgeous mountains.
mi familia.
the temples.
traffic lights that actually have sensors.
left turn lanes.
Salt Lake City. ♥
my grandparents.
school. ya I said it.
my fave hoodie that I left. :( I love you little yellow guy.
nice people. That one is a repeat, I know.
the familiarity.

and just being home sweet home.

No matter how much fun it is to experience living in a new place, you get to the point where it's time to be home with the things, places, and people you love the most. And we're just about getting to that point :) [plus I want cafe rio.] you caught me.

Natasha, forever a SLC girl :)

July 19, 2011


When I first started this blog, there were times I wanted to write something, and then felt like it was too personal or maybe not appropriate for a blog. But after writing, rewriting and then sometimes deleting a few things here and there, I decided that I was doing it all wrong. 

This is a blog for me to share what I find beautiful or inspiring or what makes me happy. And if there is one thing that is more beautiful or inspiring than anything in my life, it is gospel of Jesus Christ.

My whole entire life, I have had people ask me why I am always so happy. I always just attributed it to that being my personality, which in part, is true. But looking at my life now, I know that it is because of the role that the gospel plays in my life and that I wouldn't be the person I am today without it.

I am happy because I have grown and developed a testimony that gets me through the struggles in my life. 

I am happy because I know without a doubt in my mind that I am a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father who knows me individually and who comforts and guides me every single day. 

I am happy because I have come to realize how powerful the gift of prayer is, and that I can always turn to my Father in Heaven. 

I am happy because I know Heavenly Father is a loving, forgiving and compassionate Father who will always welcome us with open arms, no matter how far from the path we wander. 

I am happy because I know that through the plan of salvation, I can be with my family for eternity. 

I am happy because I know that we have a living prophet of God on the earth today.

I am happy because I know that Heavenly Father's plan for me is greater than any plan that I could ever have for myself.

I am happy because I know that I can overcome any trial I will ever face because of the comfort and guidance I can receive from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

I am happy because Heavenly Father allows me to see what I can become through living my life the way that I should.

There are so many things that attribute to the happiness that I have in my life and I know that every single one of these things are blessings that come directly from Heavenly Father. There are times I have wondered if I weren't born as a member of this church, would I be the type of person to seek out the truth until I found it, or would I be content with where I was at? I have realized that I know without a doubt I would seek it until I found it. I couldn't live my life always wondering. I couldn't live my life not knowing whether or not I could be with my family again after I die. I couldn't live my life questioning whether or not there was something more for me. I couldn't live without the joy and peace that I have in my life because of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I know that any person can find the same light and happiness in their lives if they are willing to look for it.

"There is no more compelling motivation to worthwhile endeavor than 
the knowledge that we are children of God, 
that God expects us to do something with our lives, 
and that He will give us help when help is sought." 
-Gordon B Hinckley

July 12, 2011


"We become what we want to be 
by consistently being what we 
want to become each day."

-Elder Richard G. Scott

July 6, 2011


I complain about school a lot, but deep down I really love it. I love learning about new things and I love the feeling of accomplishment you get after taking a test, or finishing a project, or even better- finishing the semester. 

If I could, I would keep going to school my whole life. Here's how it would work. Go to school and get a degree in something or other, then work in that field for a couple years and then start all over again. You know, sort of like how Barbie does? Veterinarian, lifeguard, lawyer, housewife, McDonalds worker, entertainer, gymnast.. you name it. Girlfriend can and does do it all. Never seizes to amaze me, I tell you what. overachiever.

her hair always looks good while doing it too.

I just have so many interests that it's annoying. And even though I am set on my major and absolutely love it, there are a ton more things I think would be so interesting to become in my lifetime...

Graphic Designer. I am literally always thinking about designs on advertisements, cards, books, signs- just everything. and even more so now that my gem of a sister in law is teaching me how to use Adobe Illustrator and helped me make a few things. holla.

Publicist. Mostly because this would feed my obsession with celebrities. so lame, yet so true. so on that note, I would be happy being their agent or manager as well. Get the sweet hook ups, borrow a few articles of clothing from them, maybe secretly cut their hair while they're sleeping and sell it on ebay. gross that was creepy. I wouldn't really do that.

Marketing Coordinator. Maybe this isn't even exactly the right title for the job that I'm talking about but I've worked in a lot of retail stores and I am obsessed with doing the displays and moving things to see if they sell better when matched up with maybe a different color, or in a different part of the store. I love love love it. That's is what I did last year when I worked at Gap, and this summer I am doing similar stuff at BabyGap. I would love to be able to design and plan out all of the displays, signs, bags, advertising. I love it all.

Dentist. I've always thought being a dentist would be fun. Whenever I go to the dentist I am constantly looking around at all the tools he's using and asking how they work...

And not to mention, Ashley H from the Bachelorette is going to be a dentist so naturally it just makes it that much cooler. 

Sports Agent. Basically I think I would be good at telling grown men what to do.

Journalist. This was my major when I first started college, and I miss it so much. I had the awesome opportunity to write for the school newspaper, The Dixie Sun. (Shannon and Whit, if you're reading this, I miss you!) Even though it was stressful, it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I think about journalism all the time, and I honestly think I'll end up going back and getting a degree so I can be a journalist. Writing is something I have always loved doing, and it is such a powerful tool. I also think it is a job that I could do even when I have a family.

Mama. Of course this is the most important and significant job that I will ever do, and probably the hardest too. Too bad there's not a major for that. 

anyways. at this rate, all I'm going to be is a professional blog creeper so I am done. 

xoxo, tosh.