July 6, 2011


I complain about school a lot, but deep down I really love it. I love learning about new things and I love the feeling of accomplishment you get after taking a test, or finishing a project, or even better- finishing the semester. 

If I could, I would keep going to school my whole life. Here's how it would work. Go to school and get a degree in something or other, then work in that field for a couple years and then start all over again. You know, sort of like how Barbie does? Veterinarian, lifeguard, lawyer, housewife, McDonalds worker, entertainer, gymnast.. you name it. Girlfriend can and does do it all. Never seizes to amaze me, I tell you what. overachiever.

her hair always looks good while doing it too.

I just have so many interests that it's annoying. And even though I am set on my major and absolutely love it, there are a ton more things I think would be so interesting to become in my lifetime...

Graphic Designer. I am literally always thinking about designs on advertisements, cards, books, signs- just everything. and even more so now that my gem of a sister in law is teaching me how to use Adobe Illustrator and helped me make a few things. holla.

Publicist. Mostly because this would feed my obsession with celebrities. so lame, yet so true. so on that note, I would be happy being their agent or manager as well. Get the sweet hook ups, borrow a few articles of clothing from them, maybe secretly cut their hair while they're sleeping and sell it on ebay. gross that was creepy. I wouldn't really do that.

Marketing Coordinator. Maybe this isn't even exactly the right title for the job that I'm talking about but I've worked in a lot of retail stores and I am obsessed with doing the displays and moving things to see if they sell better when matched up with maybe a different color, or in a different part of the store. I love love love it. That's is what I did last year when I worked at Gap, and this summer I am doing similar stuff at BabyGap. I would love to be able to design and plan out all of the displays, signs, bags, advertising. I love it all.

Dentist. I've always thought being a dentist would be fun. Whenever I go to the dentist I am constantly looking around at all the tools he's using and asking how they work...

And not to mention, Ashley H from the Bachelorette is going to be a dentist so naturally it just makes it that much cooler. 

Sports Agent. Basically I think I would be good at telling grown men what to do.

Journalist. This was my major when I first started college, and I miss it so much. I had the awesome opportunity to write for the school newspaper, The Dixie Sun. (Shannon and Whit, if you're reading this, I miss you!) Even though it was stressful, it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I think about journalism all the time, and I honestly think I'll end up going back and getting a degree so I can be a journalist. Writing is something I have always loved doing, and it is such a powerful tool. I also think it is a job that I could do even when I have a family.

Mama. Of course this is the most important and significant job that I will ever do, and probably the hardest too. Too bad there's not a major for that. 

anyways. at this rate, all I'm going to be is a professional blog creeper so I am done. 

xoxo, tosh.


  1. i think about this a lot as well. i worry that i am going to get sick of a job after a few years and want a change. too bad you can't be a professional student, right?

  2. I thought Family and Consumer Science was the Mrs/Mama degree?