July 19, 2013

Utah Timeline.

I witnessed a lot of beautiful moments while I was at home.  I think that maybe if I were still living in Utah, I wouldn't necessarily realize how special they were. But when you live far away from family and the people you love the most, it's almost impossible not to just sit back and watch the people you love, love each other.

Clint's sister's wedding.

My adorable Vietnamese grandparents.
I was walking around with my camera looking for my mom. My grandpa yelled "Hey Tosh, I bet you're looking for me! I'm right over here. I'm ready for my picture!"  Truly one of the most animated beings on this planet and I adore it.

My dad the romantic.

Tomorrow we fly out for a trip to California with my family that will involve  a beach house, a lot of relaxing, way too many pictures, T Swift music videos, beach campfires, and a lot of other cool stuff that I like. And I was recently informed it will also involve a surprise from my gem of a husband. I bet he's prego.