January 18, 2011

Two words...

Kate Middleton.

I sure hope you know who that is because if you don't, that would be unamerican (aaaand that term actually doesn't really apply here because she's not even American, but I'm just sayin. She's important.) I have become slightly obsessed with her lately. I think it's probably her fairy tale story that every girl dreams of... You know, you're going to college and just studying and what not. Then you meet some guy- not super hott in this case, but he has manners like a prince or something. Well you know why he has those manners? Because he is a prince, that's why. And next you thing you know, you're running around in a castle, putting on green tea masks with the queen, horseback riding, wearing big fancy dresses, sliding down the royal stairs in sleeping bags, doing curtsies a million times a day, hosting the next royal ball, having real tea parties while wearing a shiny diamond covered crown.. ok, those are all things I would do, but you get the picture. One day you're regular, the next you're going to be a princess (I know technically she'll be a queen, but don't you think princess sounds cuter? I do.) Now people are making coins, banners, glass figurines and all sorts of borderline creepy stuff with your face on it. No my friends, she is not a regular celebrity. Her social class is much higher than that.

 It's all so intriguing.

Not to mention, she can wear these fancy little hats that only a princess could pull off.
What a little doll.

And let's get real here, her style is adorable. So classy and elegant and princessy.

I'm packing my bags and moving to England.

January 14, 2011

Horoscope Havoc...

I just couldn't let this moment pass me by. I'm pretty entertained by the fact that people are literally distraught over their horoscope sign changing or some junk like that.

Yes, I am making fun of all of you right now.

Let's hope that you don't have to get your tattoo redone because of this change.
And let's also hope that you don't become a completely different person because your personality traits, according to your new zodiac sign, are different.
And also that no one sues Seventeen Magazine for telling you your whole life that your lucky month for love is October and that it's best that you lay low in June.
And let's pray that your marriage isn't doomed because now that your husband is a Leo, you guys just really aren't compatible anymore. Although, the court may be willing to annul the marriage because the reason behind the divorce is so legitimate. Maybe you could look into that.

Let's share a few of the statuses that I saw on facebook today:

"So I am pissed about the new zodiac Shiz. I am not a Capricorn, Aquarius is what I am. I'm really bothered."
"um what the hell? They changed the zodiac signs?"
"ok ok ok.. so I am still an aquarius, now I can breathe"
[[and if one of these is your status that I stole, shout out. I still love you most likely]]

Please allow me to share a part of this great article that I found on Yahoo..."Fans of the Zodiac have been bombarded with the unsettling news that their astrological sign may not be what they thought. The horror of switching from Gemini to Taurus had people rushing to the Web for answers, sending searches for "zodiac signs" into the stratosphere."

Unsettling news? The horror of switching from Gemini to Taurus?

Is this really happening right now?
I'm in love. But because my horoscope says that Capricorns are "sweet and sympathetic people," I am willing to take your hand and walk you through this tragic change you are going through. My thoughts are with you my friends. May your stars align.

January 4, 2011

Meet Baby Bostyn.

My sister Shantelle had her adorable little baby on Sunday.

and after watching the birth, I'm adopting.

probably not, but I can tell you it was insaaane. So much was going on and I just couldn't believe how much women go through when they have a baby. If you haven't ever watched someone give birth, you need to because even though it's pretty intense (I'm not going to lie, I had to sit down because I just about passed out), it's absolutely amazing. My little sis was so strong throughout the whole thing... and I would say it's worth this little sweetheart, wouldn't you?

Bostyn Mckinley Allen
I hope she's ready to play dress up.