January 18, 2011

Two words...

Kate Middleton.

I sure hope you know who that is because if you don't, that would be unamerican (aaaand that term actually doesn't really apply here because she's not even American, but I'm just sayin. She's important.) I have become slightly obsessed with her lately. I think it's probably her fairy tale story that every girl dreams of... You know, you're going to college and just studying and what not. Then you meet some guy- not super hott in this case, but he has manners like a prince or something. Well you know why he has those manners? Because he is a prince, that's why. And next you thing you know, you're running around in a castle, putting on green tea masks with the queen, horseback riding, wearing big fancy dresses, sliding down the royal stairs in sleeping bags, doing curtsies a million times a day, hosting the next royal ball, having real tea parties while wearing a shiny diamond covered crown.. ok, those are all things I would do, but you get the picture. One day you're regular, the next you're going to be a princess (I know technically she'll be a queen, but don't you think princess sounds cuter? I do.) Now people are making coins, banners, glass figurines and all sorts of borderline creepy stuff with your face on it. No my friends, she is not a regular celebrity. Her social class is much higher than that.

 It's all so intriguing.

Not to mention, she can wear these fancy little hats that only a princess could pull off.
What a little doll.

And let's get real here, her style is adorable. So classy and elegant and princessy.

I'm packing my bags and moving to England.

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