May 22, 2012

Small Town Lovin. ♥

We are finally in Texas, and all I really have to say right now is that I love it here. Of course I was really nervous about what it would be like, but the people here are so nice, the houses are adorable little country homes that I love, the little clothing boutiques in town have beautiful clothes, and a lady in our ward has a baby deer. So considering my fascination with wild animals, that's about enough to make me love it. 

isn't he cute? excuse my finger in the picture.

While we are on the subject of wild animals, let's talk about how apparently people travel from all over the world to hunt in South Texas, so people full on have African animals like zebras and elephants for other people to pay tens of thousands of dollars to come and hunt. dream.come.true. except for I would like to free them and become friends with them, instead of hunt them. 

Today we are going to look at a house, and I am beyond excited. Everything is just falling into place and we feel so blessed. Clint really likes his job so far, I may be getting a job this week, we are staying with a couple who is in our ward and they have been absolutely amazing and helpful in so many ways. Oh and let's not forget that Matthew McConaughey's parents live here, so here's hoping he's a mama's boy and comes and visits all the time, and then I run into him at the local grocery store and we chat for hours on aisle 9. Maybe I should get a job there to increase my chances. 

Ok I think that is all for now, I still need to put up pictures from Belize, but I accidentally only copied some pictures onto my computer so it will be a while. 

Oh I almost forgot! Before Clint and I left Utah, we got some pictures taken by the amazing Mallory Wright, and here is a preview of one of them. I can't wait to see the rest!

one quick thing about Texas, though.... it's a wee bit humid here. 

xoxo, Natasha

May 8, 2012

flowers and footie pajamas and stuff.

I wrote this post right before I left for my trip and then do you know why I couldn't post it? Because I almost missed my connecting flight because our flight attendant told us the wrong gate. There is nothing more terrifying than hearing your name called on the intercom telling you that it's the last call and that they are about to remove your luggage from the aircraft. My heart rate is increasing just thinking about it. So here is the post. I figured I wrote it I might as well put it up, especially since I haven't been able to post for a couple of weeks.

You guys. I'm going to Belize!! Right this second basically. I'm just sitting in the airport waiting for our connecting flight. It seems like I do a lot of blogging while at the airport. Oh the life of a jet setter. I wish. Well I will talk to you in 2 weeks!

Here are some pics from this past weekend...

1. Beautiful peonies I got from my friend Blissy. These were truly one of the more meaningful gifts I've received from someone because she had read on my blog a long time ago that I loved them and she remembered.
2. Mary and I at the airport
3. My first encounter with footie pajamas I found in my sister's closet. Aren't they awesome?
4. A graduation present from my mom and dad. It is a little charm with an "N" on it to go on the Tiffany's charm bracelet Clint got me when we first got married.
5. Me and my little b
6. Graduation day

The trip to Belize was truly so amazing and I already miss those sweet little rascals. I can't wait to put up some pictures! But right now, I am just going to relax and enjoy this amazing first world country that we live in with AC, 90% less bugs, sturdy houses, delicious milk and clean drinking water. I love America. Seriously.