January 4, 2011

Meet Baby Bostyn.

My sister Shantelle had her adorable little baby on Sunday.

and after watching the birth, I'm adopting.

probably not, but I can tell you it was insaaane. So much was going on and I just couldn't believe how much women go through when they have a baby. If you haven't ever watched someone give birth, you need to because even though it's pretty intense (I'm not going to lie, I had to sit down because I just about passed out), it's absolutely amazing. My little sis was so strong throughout the whole thing... and I would say it's worth this little sweetheart, wouldn't you?

Bostyn Mckinley Allen
I hope she's ready to play dress up.


  1. So cute!!! Tell Shan I said congrats :)

  2. Aw! Bostyn is such a cute name. Congrats to your sis!