March 16, 2012


Here are some basic facts...

I think my mom was amazed at my ability to do some serious work at Target when we went shopping yesterday. I have been blessed with a true talent.

I said it on twitter, and I'll say it again. My husband being gone is really taking a toll on my bank account ;) I get bored. I shop. It needs to stop, I am aware of this. And that's the first step to recovery, right?

If you follow me on pinterest, your assumption may be, "Well, that Natasha sure doesn't have a life. She's always on this thing." In which case, your assumption would be correct. Congratulations.

Well the time has come where I have given myself a reality check, and no, I will not be spending $800 on this Louis Vuitton purse I have been lusting over. But you guys, the deal is that everyone in Texas has LV bags... and I'm going to be the new girl in Texas, and I just want to fit in. that's all. That's a decent justification isn't it?
I wish. Truthfully, I couldn't bring myself to spend that money on a dang bag. That's pretty ridiculous if you ask me. But there is this other bag.... Kate Spade. I'm a recent appreciator of Miss Spade. I love her. This bag is still $400 or something like that. and you better believe that's not happening either.

I graduate in 35 days. Is that wild or what? I am pretty sure it was just 2 months ago that I graduated high school. Time flies.

Ok that's about it. I need to go get my fitness on. But you guys... I have some exciting news. But I have to wait until next week... so keep posted.

In  parting, I will leave you with this fine question of wisdom...
Why, Yes. Yes I do.

 xoxo. Natasha


  1. Seriously though, Target is the place to be! I just found the cutest yellow skinny jeans there- love it!
    And yes naked maternity pics are just kinda... Weird. I mean its beautiful for the couple and all but why do we all have to witness your bare stretched out belly?? Eck

  2. Are they the cropped ones? Because if so, I think we may have the same pair haha I told you I have a problem ;)