March 6, 2012

You need one.

So  a while back I posted this picture of an adorable cuff I bought on Etsy that is personalized with mine and my husband's anniversary date in roman numerals.

I really love personalized gifts. I mentioned that I got these bracelets for my 3 little sisters as well. So here's a picture. Mikayla's is the one on the left and it says "Fearless XIII." She loves Taylor Swift (runs in the family), and loves the Taylor Swift Fearless quote, song, album... basically just everything Taylor Swift. Mariah's is the next one and it says "Stay Beautiful ♥"... which may or may not also be a Taylor Swift song. What can I say? Mine is on the right because my sister Shantelle wasn't there, but hers is the date her daughter was born in roman numerals. (Sorry the picture isn't great, I didn't realize until I pulled it up on the computer.)

These bracelets come in brass, aluminum or copper, and you can buy them in different widths and use different fonts. You also have the option of putting little symbols on them (like the heart on Mariah's), and they really aren't expensive at all. I think I paid $16 each.

The only thing I didn't like about them is that they are kind of rough on the edges and they scratched my skin, so I had my brother in law sand them down and now they don't scratch at all. I'm not sure what he used to do it, but if you're interested, I can find out. 

So go check out Spiffing Jewelry


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  1. You're so cute. What a great idea! If someone has more than one husband they definitely need one to remember all their names ;)