December 26, 2011

An iPhone Picture Christmas...

Bostyn cheesin' it up like always

That little duck is named Quinlin. My sister Mikayla has a matching one named Quinby. We carry them around in leather pouch necklaces and take pictures of them in random places. Isn't that so creepy of us? Ya I know. This is Quinlin in the Big Apple. Which is actually just an ornament, but don't tell him that. 

This is my little sweetheart Coach watch and my favorite Christmas present ever from my long lost husband. I love love love it.

I love this Christmas picture. 

One of my closest friends since 7th grade coming to visit on Christmas. He has been in Denver because he just signed a contract with the Broncos and came home to visit over the Christmas weekend. 

Uhh hello only the cutest little collection from Gwen Stefani. It's the Harajuku Mini collection at Target and it has some of the cutest clothes. Some of them are a little wild for my taste, but I absolutely love these two. I bought the sweater for my cute little niece, Hannah. Also, I have noticed that I get baby hungry only when I am looking at baby clothes... it's the strangest coincidence.

and this, my friends, is the money maker. That doesn't make sense. But isn't that a great combo? I found a girl on etsy that does these awesome customized bracelets. The roman numerals are mine and Clint's anniversary. Pretty nifty huh? I also ordered them for my sisters so I will post pictures later and give you the link to where I got them. They are fabulous!

It was definitely a tough Christmas without the Mister (that's an understatement but let's not get dramatic here), but I am so incredibly blessed to have my family and Clint's family to keep me happy. And you know what's even better? I get to go see him in 17 days. That's what. booyah.


And I just realized that this blog is one year old. Happy birthday, you little sweetie, you. 


  1. Hey girl thanks for your sweet message on my blog a few weeks ago. You're too cute. I've been thinking about how hard it would be to be without my hubby, especially for as long as you are. You're a strong woman though, you can do it! How often do you get to visit him? And how did he get that job anyway? Working for the gov- psh Clints pretttty bad A it sounds like! ;) I LOVE your new watch and I'm crazy about the roman numeral bracelets- I can't wait to hear more about them because I want one too!! Anyways, stay cute girl!

  2. Oh one more thing have you heard of instagram? I just got an iPhone too and it's a fun way to share pics. Easier and less time consuming than pinterest or fb. Anyways since you like taking pictures I thought I'd mention it. I'd love to follow you! Check out the app if you're interested. :)

  3. Hey girl thanks a bunch. You're a sweetheart! I was originally only going to get to see him in March at graduation, but I think we are definitely going to change that because it has been tough. I'll probably go out and see him 3 times or so from now until May. He just applied for that job kind of for fun, and it was a year long application process and out of nowhere they called him and said he had two days to decide if he wanted it. It was crazy but everything fell into place so that's what we are doing! I just e-mailed the girl I got the bracelets from to see if she would maybe want to give a discount for friends and family who read my blog, so I am waiting to here back and then either way I will post about it! And I just found out about instagram and I love it! I didn't really realize you could follow people though, so I will have to look into that. Hope all is well for you. I want to come visit St. George soon and I would love to meet up with you to catch up. It's much needed I would say :)