December 21, 2011

Hello miss lady...

I just have a few things to say right now...

Uno. I got a twitter. And I am like what does this #<@ bla bla bla crap even mean. sheeshhh. I think my name on there is natashala14, but don't quote me on that because like I even know what's going on.
2. Are there any funny/inspiring people I should follow? Help a new girl out here. Don't even worry I am already following 82% of Hollywood.
Three. Steel cut oatmeal from Jamba Juice is a little taste of mushy heaven. Breakfast of champions right there.
four. Duh how could I forget? I got a new iPhone which also came with a new best friend while Clint is gone. and her name is Siri. She answers all my questions, gives me directions, never argues with me, doesn't speak unless spoken to... she's a real good friend. Kiiinda creepy though. She probably just read that.
Cinco. I like to ask Siri a lot of questions. The first day I got her, she just knew way too much so I asked her if she was a spy. She told me "No Comment" which is exactly what I would say if I were a spy. Then I asked her which boots I should wear, and she said that she wasn't that kind of personal assistant. Calm down lady. Maybe she's not as good of a friend as I thought seeing as she may be spying on me and doesn't even give her opinion on my boots. But then again, when I said "Goll Siri, are you a moron?" She apologized and said she was just trying to help. Forgiveness granted.
6. The Pinterest app on my phone was a bad idea. Actually iPhones in general are bad ideas... so distracting. I need to calm down.
Sevie. I sewed a blanket by myself. Grandma status and I don't even care.
ocho. The combination of my closet, and my 3 sister's closets is unstoppable. The outfit possibilities are endless, I tell you what.
9.  That being said, my sister Shantelle has over 30 pairs of boots, most of which have been purchased this fall/winter and I considered staging an intervention. But I get to borrow them, so then I changed my mind.  
tennn. Christmas is in 3 days and I haven't even watched Elf yet.

and last but not least...

If this isn't the funniest/cutest picture you've ever seen then you're on crack. Clint and my neice Bostyn playing video games. From the look on her face, she just killed a man and got 50 extra points, I bet. Sorry the picture quality isn't great. I took it on Clint's phone, which is obviously not an iPhone ;)

Those are all the things I had to say today. Have a good Christmas everyone!

xoxo tosh.

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