April 17, 2012

Celeb stuff. You know you love it

I haven't done a celeb post in a long long time. But then when I heard that one Angelina Jolie was engaged and that Kim Kardashian was dating Kanye West, a little spark ignited. And I just had to do a quick one, but this one has nothing to do with Angelina or Kim.

Well you know how I get celebrity obsessions pretty much on the weekly? Here's another... Dianna Agron who plays Quinn in Glee. And I legitimately think she's one of the prettiest girls ever. She has kind of a fun little website called You, Me & Charlie that has a bunch of artsy stuff, articles written by her and by other people - anyone can contribute which is pretty cool. If you're looking at it on your phone though, it's not that great, so look at it from a computer.

Girl crush. 

Ok that's all I've got for you today. It wasn't quite up to par with previous posts, but I have been laying low on the celeb creeping. Unfortunate, I know.

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I just knew you guys were feeling extra celeb creepy today... so, you're welcome.

xoxo. Natasha


  1. Diana Argon is such a stunning woman. I totally see why she's your "girl crush"! By the way, I just found your blog and it's totally adorable:) Want to follow each other?


  2. She's drop dead gorgeous! I don't watch "Glee" (I know, I'm the only person in the whole world, right?) but she's stunning. I'll have to check out her website :)