September 6, 2011

another one.

I have nothing of importance or relevance to blog about. And I haven't exactly been able to get my creative juices flowing because when you study, all your juices are wasted on what the jobs of the neuron are bla bla bla. As if I care, teacher.

So what is my back up plan when I want to write to distract myself from homework but have nothing to say? I write about celebrities of course. Here's what I know:

The Olsen Twin's sister is in a movie. That sounds promising.

Everyone keeps asking Adele if she is insecure about her weight. Leave the lady alone. She has already said a bajillion times that she is comfortable with who she is. But apparently that's not good enough for Hollywood because they want her to starting gagging herself like everyone else so they have a good story to tell. Hollywood and I have a love-hate relationship, you see. 

If I could hang out with one celeb in the whole world, I legitimately think it would be Selena Gomez. Because we would instantly become friends.

How cute will Beyonce's baby be? Well that's a trick question because if the baby looks like Jay Z, the answer is not cute at all. Here's hoping the baby looks like B.

Back on the note of love-hate relationships. Kim Kardashian. She's not the brightest crayon in the box. The show is scripted, no doubt about that. Her proposal was obviously staged, as much as she denies it. Yet, you can't help but love her and her stupid show. Team Kourtney for life.

Emma Stone is adorbs. I keep wanting to see "The Help," but I want to read the book first. Anyone want to join?

Remember when it was way sad that Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears broke up. I feel that way about Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. They will get back together. I just know it. (Speaking of Vanessa Hudgens, she got a new haircut for a movie and it's depressing. Seriously, google it.)

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is going to be on Dancing With the Stars. I loved that show. But for some reason that black cat really annoyed me.

I told Clint I wanted to name our future daughter Mila (Ok, I got the idea from Mila Kunis. so sue me.) he thought it was the dumbest idea I ever had. Well, he didn't say that but he said no. Homeboy isn't carrying a child for 9 months so I don't know what he's saying no about ;)

If you haven't noticed, I go through phases where I love a certain celerity. The celeb of the week this week is Rachel Bilson. She is the cutest and sassiest little thing in the OC, has awesome style, and is just adorable all around. I would be her friend any day.

I'm celebed out. That's not a word but I'm over it.


  1. Let's start a book club. First book on the list: the help!

  2. The Help is an AMAZING book. Definitely read it! And the movie is ten times more fun to watch after you love the characters!

  3. I'll read The Help with you. Like you, I have been wanting to see the movie but wanted to read the book first. Skyla has been trying to get me to read the book since it first came out.

    I love your "b's". I try to keep up but with homework and two jobs, sometimes I get a little behind. Keep up the good work!

    <3 ya!