September 26, 2011

fallin for fall ♥

September weather is the best.
can't wait to break out the boots.
fall fashion is the most fun. jackets. scarves. layers. perfect.
pumpkin carving is my deal.
natasha+clint=pocahontas & john smith for halloween.
costume perfection at it's finest.
[actually, I wanted us to be Kate Middleton and Prince William, but let's admit that my being half Vietnamese limits me some on the costume choice. thanks a lot dad]
cute little trick or treaters.
pumpkin candles.
pumpkin cookies. even better.
apple cider.
my best friend's wedding in November.
2 year anniversary in October. Park City here we come. (time flies when you're having fun. Either that, or time flies when you have moved 5 times in 2 years, I'm not sure which ;)

Cheers to fall. It's going to be a fabulous one.

hello lovely fall outfits.
Sydney knows best.
That's my motto.

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