November 4, 2012

lights the sky.

I made this little guy to put in a frame on my picture wall. I just absolutely adore this quote and think it's precious.

I've had some questions about the program I use for these, and so I'll fill you in! I use Adobe Illustrator- [thanks to my sis-in-law, Becky who taught me her ways] and since we've moved I've tried to teach myself a lot more. The program is expensive, but if you're in school I know you can get it from the school book store for cheaper.

Using the program, I have made quotes to hang in my house, greeting cards, our Christmas card for this year, my graduation announcement, and I plan to make a few things for Christmas presents as well. This is also how I updated the look of my blog [although I'm still not completely in love with it.]

I absolutely love this program, and am now trying to teach myself to use Photoshop- but the two 600 page books I got from the library have been sitting on my desk for over a month now and are way too intimidating to crack open. So we will see how that goes. 

Anyway...Have a great Sunday everyone!


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