November 5, 2012

Star Crossed Lovers.

Here are a few pictures from Halloween. I dressed up as Katniss and at the last minute, I told Clint to wear Peeta colors- the polo isn't too convincing. 

We went to our ward Halloween party/trunk-or-treat and we had a lot of fun. We love our ward here, plus Clint is really popular with the kids around these parts of town

My costume- thrown together the day before, I might add. Even Clint was impressed. I can't help it that Katniss and I have similar minds. Minus the killing people part. maybe.

I had asked Clint if he could figure out something for a bow and arrow while I was at work. I told him it wasn't a huge deal so I wasn't sure if he would, but when I came home from work this bow and arrows were on the counter and this note was on the white board.

I married a total gem.

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