May 16, 2013

No Shame Here.

Upon googling ourselves at work a couples month ago, I discovered that I still had a MySpace account. Let's take this moment of silence to remember those who made our "Top Eight".....................

Anyway...why I still had a MySpace account, I have no idea.

So before I deleted it, I dug through the archives of embarrassing [and awesome] memories. It was a slam in the face of duck faces, questionable clothing choices, and cheesy profiles. Kind of cute and fun to look at for a second, but pretty embarrassing overall.

That's probably how I'll look back on this blog one day.. but whatev.

I'll probably say things like:

Why did I write about 83 subjects in one post and think it was even coherent enough for people to follow along? (Note to future self: it's because you have a hard time containing your excitement for anything.)

Why did I use words like whatev, holla, hollaaaaaa (emphasized version), and obvi (meaning obviously. obvi.)? (Note to future self: You should use these words when you're 80 because that's hilarious.)

Why did I discuss the Royal Wedding in more depth than any conversation I've ever had in my life? (Note to self: Ok not that in depth, but you were intense.)

Why did I obsess over Taylor Swift and celebrities in general? Just kidding. That's crazy talk. Like I would say that, ever.

Not in a drunken way, but you know what I'm sayin.

It's whatev.
xo tosh.

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