November 1, 2012

Something Beautiful About It...

Over the past few months, I have really come to a deeper appreciation for the beauty, divinity, emotions, and just overall nature of women.

One of the things I have thought about is the fact that many things that the world sees as flaws in women, really just root from a deep, and maybe even instinctual, need and desire in women to better themselves individually.

Think about it. Jealousy, comparing ourselves to others, stressing and worrying over little things, perfectionism, insecurities...

We can't say that women aren't well known for these traits.

Each one of these is a "flaw" that most women deal with, but looking deeper, the reason that we do all of those things is because as women, we are constantly trying to better ourselves; trying to progress.

and I think that is absolutely beautiful.


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  1. I love this post about women. I also tagged you for the leibster blog award! (i may have last time i got it also) feel free to check it out and repost some fun things about you :)