October 30, 2012

Tuesday Ten: Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. To go to sleep tonight. Is it Friday? (And whoever said "you can sleep when you're dead" clearly has never experienced the kind of high quality naps that I consider myself an expert at. so he's a sucker.)

2. To see my sweet mama in 10 days (she's coming to visit me!) This picture is blurry, but isn't she beautiful?

3. Our first Thanksgiving on our own. We definitely would rather be with family- but since Clint's work schedule isn't allowing us to go home, I'm looking forward to having our own tv dinner I mean home cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

4. The York Pieces I have stashed in the cupboard for the glorious day called November 1st, when my "No Sugar Challenge" ends. holllaaa.

5. Christmas shopping. Christmas music. Christmas lights. Christmas colors. Christmas trees. Christmas baking. SANTAAA! (That part was meant to be read that in your best Buddy the Elf scream.)

6. Colder weather=colored/patterned tights.

7.  To dress my future child up as this fabulous cat lady. such a gem.

8. To ask the Walgreens manager if I can have their life size stand up poster of Taylor Swift. Plus her "Red" tour this summer. Not the manager's tour, Taylor's.

9. My TWO costumes for tomorrow- one for crossfit and one for the Halloween carnival/trunk-or-treat. They're both last minute/thrown together but they.are.awesome. 

10. Breaking Dawn Part 2. Don't punch me. I'll punch myself for it. 


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