August 17, 2011

Random Rambling: Celebrity Edition

You should know by now celebrity gossip may or may not be my forte. holla.

Should The Situation (jersey shore guy) be embarrassed that Abercrombie & Fitch is paying him not to wear their clothes? yes. yes, he should.

Apparently Kevin Federline (Brittney's ex) just fathered his 5th child. He definitely needs to stop putting children into this world. 

Hillary Duff is prego! and adorable as ever.

I absolutely despise Lady Gaga. How anyone admires her is beyond me. Did anyone see her guest judging on So You Think You Can Dance? That was a joke and a half. homegirl didn't even know what she was saying.

While we're on the topic of celebrities, let's talk about how Obama acts more like he's a celebrity than a president. No actually let's not go there because I don't want any mean comments.

Kim Kardash's wedding is in 3 days. I haven't even picked out what I'm going to wear.

While we're on the subject, the Kardashian mom, Kris, is hands down the ultimate stage mom. woman drives me crazy.

Everyone is obsessed with Kim, but I think Kourtney is prettier. and she definitely has the best style out of all of the sisters. by far. If I were to have any celebrities wardrobe, it would definitely be hers. 

ugh. why are people so obsessed with celebrities? it's disturbing, people. get a life. ;)

I have to go pack now. I'm coming home tomorrow!

xoxo tosh


  1. Yay are you so glad to be coming home??! I wanna hear all bout your summer. Love the celebrity gossip, you should do it more!

  2. hillary duff what??? i'm gonna have to check the 97.1 sleeze page for sure!
    and i am really excited to see fotage of kim's wedding & i definitely agree with you about kourtney. she is my fav.
    AND i'm prrrrety darn excited you are coming home!

  3. Amen girl!! I agree with everything in this post!! and Kourtney is the prettiest!!