May 23, 2011

The Bach ♥

Happy Bachelorette Day ladies and gents... mostly ladies.

I'm going to be honest. If I didn't have friends to talk about the bach with, I wouldn't watch it. I honestly never watch tv during the school year. I don't even watch the regular Bachelor. Mostly because I don't have time to do that during school. But when summer rolls around, count me in- Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance (which starts on Thursday... talk about a good week)

What can I say? Sometimes a girl needs shallow, unimportant and irrelevant things in her life. Bach and Perez Hilton are two of mine :]

We're having a Bach party tonight with all the wives out here. holla. We're each bringing a snack that starts with the letter "B."

I also found a Bachelorette Bracket for us to fill out. How lame am I? That was a trick question because the answer is not lame. Guys fill out their stupid basketball brackets, so why can't we?

I found this one here. Maybe I'll hang mine up next to Clint's sales goal chart. Because they're equally important I'd say.

So basically you fill this out after tonight's episode.
and here are all the guys so that you don't forget when you're filling it out...
So get ready for cute clothes from the Bachelorette Miss Ashley H, some probably pretty hott guys (I'm married, but I can still say that), some cheesy stuff, some scandy stuff, some crying, and a whole lot of posts coming from the Bach expert. That may or may not be me. haha kidding.

May the best man win.
...I've always wanted to say that.


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