June 4, 2011

some day...

I want to be the mom who...

is in the swimming pool with her kids, rather than on the lawn chairs laying out.

dresses her kids like they just walked (or crawled) out of a babyGap ad. (Don't tell me you can resist a baby that is dressed to a tee.)

bikes, hikes, runs, dances and skips with her kids.

has handmade a majority of the pillows, artwork, and other decorations in her kids room. Ok maybe no the majority, but at least some. and you better believe I'm going all out on their rooms. You have no idea how excited I am.

teaches her kids to serve others.

definitely does not drive a mini van.

helps her kids to make sure their school project is the most bomb in the whole dang school. :) I don't know, maybe I'm competitive.

has the kids that are always saying "please" and "thank you."

makes our home a place of love that is centered around Christ.

has the birthday parties for her kids where people are thinking "whoa calm down sister. 150 guests are not necessary at a 2 year olds birthday party." ok, exaggeration definitely. But you better believe their parties will be awesome. and you, my friend, will most definitely be invited.

takes pictures everywhere we go. meh. already do that.

dresses her family in coordinating (not matching, just coordinating) outfits on Easter. Seriously, I dream of this day.

builds forts in the living room where we have family slumber parties. Clint will be stoked, he already does this and we don't even have kids. haha gotta love him.

doesn't gossip about others.

reads to her kids often.

teaches her kids that the best friendships they'll ever have, are those with their siblings.
[isn't this pic the cutest? you have to go see this guys photography blog. the pictures he takes of his daughters are adorable.]

dances with her littles to the latest disney channel songs. Shouldn't be hard. I'll probably love disney channel more than they will.

Scrapbooks her kids pictures. (I remember loving the scrapbook my mom did of each of us. We would look at them all the time.]

stays fit. even if it means working out at 6 am before the little monsters wake up ;)

puts cute notes in the lunches they take to school.

teaches her kids to find beauty in everything.

has regular prayer and scriptures in our home.

lets her kids have the sweetest slumber parties ever with their friends. and encourages pillow fights and eating candy before bed at these slumber parties.

has lots of lemonade stands, movie nights, picnics, tea parties and whatever else their little hearts desire.

I really don't know when we'll be ready to have kids. Some days it seems super far off, but others- not so much. But until I finally am a mom, I love preparing myself so that I can be the best mom I can be. 

isn't this picture precious?

and ps...all of these pics are from you guessed it, pinterest. :) you guys seriously need to join. There's a link on the side of my page. 

have a wonderful weekend future mamas.



  1. When I read about the saying "please" and "thank you", it totally made me think of that story you told me at work!
    Love it!

  2. You are too cute girl. Love this post. You'll make the best mom. So affter reading your pintrest post ive totally decided to check it out. You have the cutest pics, so ima see what I can find!

  3. Haha oh porschea, you know me too well...

    Shannon, you're so sweet. thanks girl! You're going to LOVE pinterest. Don't blame me if you get addicted though :/ haha