June 15, 2013

Santorini Dreamin...

For some reason my heart has just had this little desire to travel the world. Visiting Greece (specifically the island of Santorini) has been on my bucket list since I was 14... coincidentally the same time that I read "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" series for the first time, so if I said that I was inspired by something less laughable I would be lying.

Recently my need to travel has been at an all time high. I have been daydreaming about Greece for a week now. Any spare time I have I am looking at pictures, videos, vacation packages, and airline tickets. I literally get butterflies when I  see the pictures of the whitewashed buildings and caldera view.

Clint isn't 100% convinced but he's more open to the idea than I thought he would be. I have been calculating costs and timing for the trip over the past week so that I can create a business proposal to present to him because the guy's got the mind of a business man (but seriously, he takes a salesman's approach when we talk about big decisions. gets me every time).

I can't even describe my love for this place that I've never even been. Santorini has my heart and that blue water is calling my name.

...and also I want to ride one of those adorable donkeys. Saw it in a movie once.


  1. Can you budget to take me along? Haha it's so pretty looking!

    1. Haha you got it girl! It's such a gorgeous place!

  2. Just came to say hi from From A to Z http://abziggy.blogspot.com/2013/07/making-good-mondays-3-blogs-i-love.html?showComment=1372716355661#c2690261980612358715because she named you as one of her top 3 favorite bloggers for my Making Good Monday Challenge Link Up this week. http://thislittleblonde.blogspot.com/ Now following along <3 Congrats sweet lady!