March 1, 2013

I Like Nonsense

I've been getting a lot of mysterious packages showing up at my doorstep lately. Only they're not so mysterious because I ordered them and then forgot. The dangerous thing about online shopping is that sometimes it doesn't feel like you're spending real money. It's like virtual money. Except for it somehow comes out of your bank account.

Remember when everyone did those 5 random facts on Instagram? Well one of mine was that my greatest fear was being kidnapped. My second greatest fear is being wrongfully accused of a crime. That's why whenever I can't find my hairbrush, I get a little panicked that someone took my hair from it and left it at a crime scene.

I don't really get panicked, but the thought has crossed my mind.

Using ghetto-sounding hashtags when you text can really spice up a conversation. My sister and I typically use it in every day conversation.
Example: "Hey what are you doing?"
"Just at work #gottastackthatpaper #grindin #anothadayanothadolla #cashmoney"

I highly recommend it #hustla

I sent a little package to Bostyn with pink rainboots with horses on them. Bostyn is obsessed with horses, so even though they're not something I would normally pick out, I had to buy them for her. And clearly it was a good purchase. Baby girl's feeling like a 10 right about now. #babygotback #babyswagforlyfe ok I'm done. I just wanted to get the point across.
Today I realized that one of the things that I am most grateful for is the fact that my mom taught me to be creative. If you think about it, you use creativity in absolutely everything- working, school, cooking, your wardrobe- and even though we all have varying degrees of creativity, it's a great gift that we have.

On that note, I'm really sick of Chevron stripes...

I had to go get a Texas driver's license today. And when I did, they made me "surrender" (the word seemed a little forceful, if you ask me) my Utah driver's license. And when I did, I all of a sudden got a little emotional. I won't say whether or not there were a couple small tears.
but there were. 

I had a really good idea for a Christmas card so I called Clint to tell him all about it. When I was done I asked him if he thought it was cool or if he didn't really care too much. He said "No, I think it's a good idea... I, too, usually start thinking about Christmas cards in February." Ok so it's a little early. you got me there.

And lastly, this little girl. She'll melt your heart like a popsicle on the 4th of July. (Little Rascals anyone?)

Also, I'm starving. But the desire to make dinner when your husband isn't going to be home that night is typically at a level zero to negative one. feed me.
*update: I just ordered a take-out meal for one. I can't decide if I feel like a loser or a really cool, independent adult.



  1. Just so you know... You and Clint are now going to receive random texts containing only ghetto hashtags... #thankmelater :)

  2. My husband threw a fit when we got Texas phone numbers. He didn't talk to me for like two days.
    I am not creative but an idea person. Not sure the difference...but it is there. I want to do lots of stuff I see others do, like Pinterst is scrolling through my head at all times.