January 23, 2013

Just a Quick Mid-Weeker.

I am doing a quick post on a weekday which is rare for me nowadays. Now that I am working a lot, I just feel bad coming home and neglecting chores that need done, or not spending time with my husband- so that's why I've been so absent. 

Whenever I go a while without writing, I absolutely hate it and I get excited to whenever I get to actually sit down and write, whether it's on here, or in a journal. I love it all.

I saw this picture the other day and I couldn’t help but smile.
I am so incredibly comfortable and in love with what may seem in comparison to other’s lives- my calm life. 

We sometimes go out with friends, go play tennis, grocery shop together (that is if I’m lucky enough to convince him to go with me), take day trips to San Antonio, do a little exploring around Texas;

But most days it is just Clint and I, doing nothing but our day-to-day routines. 
Gym, work, home, dinner, bed time.

But in the midst of all of that, we find time to laugh and enjoy these seemingly repetitive routines of life. 

To some, a calm life may seem to be a boring life. But for me- my love of familiarity, and comfort, and home, and family, and small moments all add up to a perfectly happy, blissful, and fulfilling life.



  1. I love this quote. I grew up with a very "noisy" life and took me a long time to appreciate the stillness and calmness my life has now. In fact, I treasure it and have learned to do just that... "with a smile" :)

    1. Treasuring it is the absolute perfect way to describe it. :)