January 20, 2013

I aint sayin she's a gold digger

Since everyone back at home in Utah is in celeb stalking mode at the Sundance Film Festival, I eased the heartbreak of not being able to go there and participate by writing this blog post...

I think if I were to choose one celeb to stalk at Sundance it would probably be Blake Lively because I would want to gawk at her beauty and her clothes.

Here's one I just can't quite wrap my mind around...Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. All I'm saying is if I had a group of guys and girls lined up, I definitely wouldn't guess that these two are a couple. [Plus why did she shave her head?] She seems a little crazy to me and Liam seems normal.
And by normal, I mean angelic.

Kim Kardashdash and Kanye West (whom the title of this post is dedicated to)... I was pretty excited to hear the news of this little bundle of money making joy. Granted, it doesn't even come close to Kate Middleton's pregnancy, but I'm going to go ahead and say that celeb news in 2013 is most definitely not letting me down.

Also...is anyone else obsessed with the Kardashian family Christmas photos they do every year? (google that, son).

I'll admit- liking the Kardashians is sort of like showing people your 7th grade picture... you aren't proud, but it's just part of who you are.

When I see pictures of celebrities hanging out together, I often wonder what their conversations are like and then I think to myself "I could totally be their friend, and they would laugh at my jokes and we would share clothes." Does this not look like a picture you want to be in? ya, me too. Apparently this was the first event for the girl on the right... looking a little too giddy to be a veteran. Should have invited me instead, Selana.

On a related note, I'm kind of obsessed with Vanessa Hudgens. Even though her acting is subpar. or subsubsubpar. I don't know, watch the trailer for "Beastly" and you be the judge.

Lance Armstrong. I'm going to have to go ahead and say that I'm still a fan and I feel bad that Oprah tore the poor guy apart. And please, watch this video below because Jimmy Kimmel is the funniest man alive.

Tay Swift and Harry Styles... I don't even want to go there because she's just a maneater right now and it's really messing with my emotional well-being. 

I decided I'm a big fan of Jennifer Lopez. I don't like her music one bit, but did you see her at the Grammy's? Granted, it's scandy but she looks stunning. Now my concern is, why does she keep dating younger little hood rat men? Mid life crisis is what I call that. Stop it J Lo.

Another look I loved at the Grammy's was Lea Michele's. Her dress was pretty, but what I really loved was how natural and gorgeous her hair and make up looked.

Anyway... did anyone have any celeb encounters at Sundance? I know my dear wild friend Vanessa has pictures of James Franco using the restroom. There's no such thing as boundaries when it comes to celebrities. That's my motto.

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  1. Natasha! Aww.. Celebrities and their crazy lives never cease to amaze me. Feeling left out too because I haven't been to Sundance yet, and I live so close!! I'm loving that it's award season and I can critique all of their outfits! Definitely a fan of Lea Michele too! Love Your Post! XO Courtney