January 1, 2013

2012: A Year in Review

I planned on putting our card up on my blog before Christmas, but things got busy around here so I figured New Year's would work just as well. Due to privacy, I decided to take out some personal information (thus the "Small Town, Texas"). Clint's section, especially, had a lot more personal information about his job and our location than mine does, so that is why "The Mr." section seems so vague.

2012 was probably our craziest year yet.  We were apart for 5 of the 12 months, but managed to become closer and continue to strengthen our marriage. We moved away from family and friends, and the place we had called home to a town we had never even heard of. When struggling to find a good home that we wanted to live in here, we came extremely close to moving to San Antonio, until some new friends who we hardly even knew, reached out and let us stay in their second house until we were finally able to find a place 2 months later. They have become out closest friends, and our family in Texas and we love them for it. I travelled to a third world country with one of my closest friends, where we helped skin a pig (When in Rome), survived the unreal humidity and never-ending bug bites, and grew to love the absolute most beautiful little kids in the world. They brought some of my life's most cherished memories. Clint moved into a career path that he loves and that brought us so many opportunities. And of course, we realized (and continue to realize) what a blessing it is to have each other, and the support of our families back home. ♥

2012 you were wild and we loved it. Here's to more memories in 2013.



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    1. You're always so sweet, thank you Ashley!

  2. How did you go about creating this document? I am in love with this idea!

    1. Hey Tara, thanks so much! I did it all on the program Adobe Illustrator. It's kind of pricey, but there is so much you can do with it. I think next year I am going to be selling a template for this design or maybe a few that are slightly different if you're interested!

    2. You did an amazing job! I have created a newsletter off of a word document for this year's holiday cards b/c I didn't have much time (or money) to invest, but I would be highly interested in purchasing a template from you for next year! I will be posting my newsletter to my blog once I get finished with it. Keep up the good work :)

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