November 24, 2012

Home Sweet Home & A Little Tutorial...

I was originally doing this post because I had a tutorial, but then I decided I would show you guys my front room too. Also known as basically the only room that is decorated in the house. So, welcome. 

This is where the magic happens. and by magic I mean naps on the couch with my favorite blanket, blogging, designing on the computer, dance parties by myself, watching my husband play video games, and vacuuming that dang rug that sheds more than I do. 

This frame wall isn't completely done- in fact, the frame on the bottom left broke and that's why it's empty (maybe I shouldn't have pointed it out and you wouldn't have noticed). I'm now noticing that the "H" is crooked... or maybe it's the whole collage. My couch covers also need ironed, but I'm not really sure how to go about doing that. Probably not doing that is the best way. 

Here's a breakdown of the details:
1. The "H" is from Joann's, spray painted gold.
2. The small frame with the heart has two little birds on a wire drawn on. I got the inspiration from this cute little thing.
3. The small frame on the right has a vintage map of Salt Lake City in it that I found at an antique store here. I have been meaning to embroider a heart around it, but I've been really busy rescuing endangered dolphins and stuff like that.
4. The wreathe is made of blood, sweat, tears, and probably swear words- plus two books worth of book pages and a foam wreathe. It only cost about $9 to make, but it also took about 15 years off of my life due to my hot glue gun burned finger tips, an aching back, and stress. So I hope it was worth it. 
5. Thanks to my talented friend Somer, I learned how to sew pillow covers so those are all homemade. hollaaa.
6. Here's the tutorial for the striped corkboard, although I will say her method of measuring didn't work so well for me. I just ended up having to wing it. 

As I mentioned before, this started out as a tutorial so now we'll get to that part (I don't know if you can even call it a tutorial because it's super easy). On the right hand side of the frame wall I have one of my favorite things in my whole house, a "Proclamation to the World" with a picture of me and Clint in the background. [Below is just a scanned version without the frame, so look at the pictures above to see it with the frame because it's cuter.]

[Just a few things about this Proclamation for those who aren't familiar with it. This is "A Proclamation to the World" regarding the roles and responsibilities of the family given my the presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am very passionate about marriage and families, and this comes from my deep rooted testimony in the gospel. I am happy to be part of a church that stands out to the world because of it's strong values in all things and it's emphasis on the importance of family.]

So let's move on to the instructions:
1. Print any 8x10 picture that will allow the words to show easily. 
2. Print "The Proclamation" on vellum (a translucent type of paper that you can get by the sheet at any craft store for less than $1.) Normally the proclamation will print as an 8.5x11 (regular paper size), so obviously this won't fit in an 8x10 frame. Because I love you, I resized one for you. Just click here to get it.
3. Place the printed proclamation over the picture, put it in a frame, and you're done! Super easy and cheap Christmas gift. The vellum and the print will cost you less than $4. Let me know if you have problems with the print out!


*Update: Sorry I'm still new to sharing files that I've made, so if you tried to click on the link for the proclamation, it didn't work because it was private. I fixed it and it should be ready to go. Please let me know if you have problems so I can work them out :)


  1. This is awesome! I love how unique (and CHEAP!) this is - definitely something to give to my newlywed friends and family... thanks for the heads up and resizing the print!

  2. Oh my how I love the picture with the Proclamation to the World!! That is so adorable I am going to making this for our home. Thank you for the great idea!! And I Love your cute living room!!

  3. I love your house! So cute! That wreath, to die for!

  4. So cute!

    I just found your blog via Dreams and Things. I love it. New follower!

    ♥, Sarah
    The Life of a Redhead

  5. Oh love the proclamation to the world!! Love your blog :)
    New follower!