November 27, 2012

Tuesday Ten- Guest Post

Hello there to you all!
My name is Allie and I blog over at Dreams & Things.
This is me!
Don't you love Natasha's blog?? I know I sure do. She and I share love in T-Swizzle.
I am visiting today to share my Top 10 Favorite Things About the Holidays

And we're off!

  • Sleigh bells. Not necessarily the song, but just hearing the bells chiming. The sound of joy I tell you!

  • My stocking! Even though stockings hold the smallest of gifts, they are always my favorite! I love that they are filled with random amazingness! I always eat all the candy before I am done with the day.

  • Crafts. I have gotten kinda into crafts lately and I even created our Christmas wreath this year and am working on our stockings (for me and the hubby) you'll have to stop by my blog to see how they turn out, I am really excited! They are going to be chevron. 

  • Our Peterson family baking party. We do this every year. It's a time that just all the girls get together  on my dad's side of the family and we bake plates full of goodies to bring home to our men, honestly, I usually eat half on my way home. YUMMY!

  • Christmas music. Given this can get obnoxious when on all day long, I really enjoy it when I just play it from time to time in the car or on Pandora/my ipod. It's oh so Merry, Ho! Ho! Ho!

  • Santa hats. I love seeing people wear Santa hats.

  • Jingle All the Way, I'll Be Home For Christmas, Elf, Polar Express, Grinch, and all those fun movies that you can find on TV.

  • Decorating the tree. We have collected these ornaments through out our few years of marriage and they are fun to put up and remember the times we gathered them. Example: our first year married ornament, Disneyland, and the ones from my grandparents.

  • Giving. Nothing better than the feeling I get when I see someones face light up after giving them the perfect gift. It is always fun to see my niece's especially. So excited for another addition to the family. I am getting a nephew next year :)

  • Christmas Eve. Jordan and I have started our own tradition where we have my brother and sister come over on Christmas Eve to watch movies and order Pizza. It is a great feeling to spend time with them.

  • I just all around love the Holiday season. Spending time with family, feeling the joy, remembering what it is really all about and showing love for others. I wish you all the happiest of Holidays!


    1. I love christmas time! I'm your newest follower Natasha! Remember me? haha :)

      1. Hey girl! haha yes I do :) I'm excited to go check out your blog.