October 18, 2012

No Sugar Progress and Something Pretty Awesome.

Two weeks from today I will officially be able to say that I lasted for 31 days with no sugar (including attending one wedding luncheon and reception, 5 days in Utah surrounded by goodies, 2 birthday parties, my anniversary, Halloween parties, and making cupcakes for a church activity without even having a single lick of the batter. it was traumatizing. think Edward trying not to eat Bella. I know, right?)

The first two days were the hardest, and then of course random on and off again days that are tough. You don't realize how many things you eat have sugar, like flavored yogurt, cereal, granola bars, etc. And then when I wanted to try and sweeten things up, I couldn't because we can't use any sort of honey, agave, or artificial sugar!

Even though it has been tough, I feel really good about it. I have lost a couple of pounds which I didn't really expect to happen. but the thing that I feel has benefited me most is the self control I have had to have in order to do it. For me, it just feels good to have control over my mind and my cravings. I sound like a Buddha. I don't even know what that means, but I'm serious about the self control thing.

The thing that has helped me the very most with the craving is my protein shake in the morning. Seriously, I don't think I could make it out alive without it. Because guess what my friends? After lots of experimenting, I have come up with an amazing mint chocolate protein shake with no sugar. let's freak out together.

I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, but cocoa doesn't have any sugar. whattttt? So basically what I am saying is it is my saving grace. I honestly enjoy this shake more than mint chocolate chip ice cream. no joke. So even if you aren't on a sugar free diet, you should try it for a healthy alternative to a treat.

if you don't drink protein and aren't on a no sugar diet, you could always try replacing it with a carnation breakfast drink, slim fast, or some chocolate almond milk.

If you don't like mint, try this exact shake but leave out the peppermint extract to make it a chocolate banana shake which is absolutely amazing as well.

let me know if you try it and what you think. Enjoy!

ps. 4 days until the new T Swifty album. how's that for a treat, eh?

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