September 6, 2012

my lovelies.

Two nights I just broke down crying and was super emotional.
At first I had no idea why.
Maybe it was because The Lucky One isn't at Redbox yet.
Or maybe it was because at 6 a.m. I was doing 220 burpees.
Or maybe because I am sick of doing dishes. I bet they can make you cry everyday sometimes.

But then I realized it's because I really truly honestly miss my family and the place I know as home.
And for a while, I have been subconsciously pushing that feeling deep down inside because I didn't want to miss anything.
I just wanted to give my whole heart and every positive emotion and thought I had to this new adventure.
But while I truly am enjoying being in Texas, I also have to say that it wasn't good for me to just pretend like something wasn't (isn't) missing. And sometimes you need a good cry for that sort of thing.

So I am saying it all now.

I miss my family and friends like crazy.
I miss laughing with my sisters.
I miss having so many loving friends and family members around me that I could call at any time to do any little thing.
I miss familiarity.
I miss not having to wonder where I stand with new people I meet.
I miss just the thought of knowing that my sweet mom is just a phone call away.
I miss going on bike rides with my mother in law.
I miss my adorable little niece speaking all sorts of jibberish and her nappy hair.
I miss I-15 for goodness sake. who even does that? (this guy.)

So daddy, mama, zach, sammi, sis, kayka, roo, bosty, ryan, lark, logan, becky, hannah, ethan, ryan, michelle, jordan, jennifer, tootsie, grandma, gramps, ong and ba, amby, and all my cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and friends.

every last one of you...

I just miss you like crazy.
got it?


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