September 9, 2012


Today was one of those days where I just kept going and going and going and going. I got a million things done, yet there was time to do more. It's freaking me out how productive this day was.

Came home from church. Took picture of new shirt.

began making homemade rolls. first time ever.
Mr. H later asks, "Are these Rhodes Rolls?"
[I felt quite flattered because I love those things.]
and little did he know they were whole wheat. muahaha suckaaa.

then I face timed sis and baby bostyn for a good 45 minutes.
all while still preparing dinner and working on designing my sister's business card.

when I said "Hang on Bos, I have to wash my hands,"
She insisted on washing hers too. 
So she held up her chubby little hands to the phone
while I held the camera up to the sink.
and obsessed over that double chin.

and then, I still had even more time.
So I decided to roll up the dough into little knots
like this. except I forgot to take a picture after they were done.

and then the husb came home. and we had dinner. and he conveniently fell asleep right before it was his turn for dishes. Coincidence? I think not. Dirty player. 

So then I did all the dishes because he had a long day at work. and then I deep cleaned the kitchen. and mopped the whole downstairs. then I folded three loads of laundry. then started planning meals for the week and started writing up a cleaning schedule. 
then I decided that while I am at it, I should reorganize my Pinterest boards because I couldn't find anything I was looking for because I'm a certified pin hoarder.

Then I ate some boxed cake batter mix with just a little water in it just like my roommate Cassie taught me. Then I decided I needed to bang my spoon a little louder because I needed Clint to wake up because I was getting bored of being productive. Plus I needed to show him my accomplishments.

Well guess what? he still didn't wake up. So I blogged about it. 


  1. Im jealous that you can make homemade rolls. I don't have the guts or patience to do that!!

    By the way, lovely photo of you Vietnamese girl!!! :))

  2. hahahha I just love you your awesome that is a day of accomplishments holy sh$* nice job girl! Excited to be your newest follower and get some more laughs. Your blog is fantastic! Happy to know you Keep up the great work sista!