September 24, 2012

higher ground

I have been going through and reading old general conference talks starting in 1974 and my goal is to read all of the ones up through this year. It has been really neat to see how the church has grown and expanded since then.

Gordon B. Hinckley's talks are some of my absolute favorites (and he is one of my absolute favorites too- but don't tell) so I was excited when I found yet another wonderful quote from him. 

For me it is really important to be an example and light to other people. There have been times in my life where I didn't represent the church and myself as best as I could have. I think about that a lot now and think about the fact that there may have been people I could have lifted up or shared the gospel with, had I been standing on higher ground. So because of that, I strive to be an example and a light every day and made this little printable to remind myself of that goal. 

[Again, feel free to use it. I was having a lot of fun so I made it in two colors. this printed out fine on my computer, but I'm still new to this and from what I understand, color settings can vary depending on your printer, so let me know if there's a problem if you print one and I will try to figure it out!]

Have a great week lovelies.


  1. I love it!! :) How do you make these?

    1. Thanks girl you are sweet! I do them on adobe illustrator

  2. Tash you are amazing! Such an example! And lovely art work too!