September 29, 2012

A few things on this fine September day...

Clint and I are going to U t a h next week for his brother's wedding and I am beyond excited. We are actually going to St. George which is where we met, and that just gives me the little butterflies is what it does. Goodness I love that guy.

My brain thinks it's ok to wake me up at 7 a.m. when I have absolutely nothing to do that day. Apparently it thinks I am a grown up now and that I like that sort of thing. Well guess what brain? You're wrong ya big dummy.

October is about to be full of mood swings or maybe even full on insanity. For CrossFit, we are doing a no sugar challenge for the entire month. Apparently these people don't know that there are Reese's pumpkins on the shelves, available only at Halloween time...hellooo. Bring on the mental breakdowns, hallucinations, therapy sessions, panic attacks, and whatever else may come from this. ps I think am going to go down a mint oreo shake from Dairy Queen tonight to hold me over for the month. Maybe I will even eat 37 of them. I'll show you.

Let's talk about this baby. I just love her to death. She calls me "Rolph" (trying to say "Tosh") which is my favorite thing ever. I wasn't aware I was a German man, but I'm fine with that.

I have so much love for this little fuzzy headed rascal and every little thing she does amazes me. it's awesome to think that my love for my own kids is going to be even greater than that (Bostyn, if you're reading this, don't get offended-that's just word on the street). 

As I stand in the checkout line, people probably often wonder if I have small children. Let's go through a list of a few groceries: 
the squeezy packs of berry applesauce
Cookies and Cream Pop Tarts (which were purchased today as I experienced a new all time low.)
Well, checkout lady I actually don't have a child in Kindergarten. But I do have a husband who, despite my efforts, clearly loves his snacks that he thinks are healthy. He's killin' me. 

Attention Clint, mom, or anyone else who feels the need to buy me something:
This pretty little ring is on my Christmas list... and while you're at it, go ahead and get me one of the letter ones with an "N" on it. cha ching.

and just a quick little shout out to my husband who seriously buys me the best gifts ever and manages to surprise me all the time. He bought me this gorgeous picture of Christ for our anniversary (he gave it to me a little early). He is so incredibly thoughtful and I adore it.

and check out this picture of my grandpa. Ong knows where it's at, people. (thanks for the picture, kayk)

Taylor Swift's new song? I'm not even going to say anymore. You already know how I feel. genius.

Let's talk about how Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the most beautiful couple ever. I will pay top dollar for their babies, so if you're in touch with them please give them the word. Clint actually told me that he used to date Blake Lively and then Ryan Reynolds asked for his permission to date her once they broke up. He also informed me that he got an invitation to their wedding, but didn't want to make it awkward for anyone. Little does he know, I used to date Ryan so he's right- the wedding would have been super awkward.

Texas doesn't know that it's fall and thinks it's still awesome to have 90 degree weather. All I want is to wear some boots- I really don't think that's too much to ask for but hey- what do I know?

that's all the rambling I have today. if you can believe that. 


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  1. Well even thought its super hot in Texas you should have a chance to wear your boots when you come to UTAH! Its definitely cooling down. Except for today :P