August 15, 2012

Happiness is...

Taylor Swift's new album that will be out on October 22. That's 9 weeks and 5 days from now. And you better believe I watched her live web chat where she made the announcement, all while cooking dinner. So yes, I do consider myself an expert in multitasking.

ps. if you haven't heard it, here is her new single. Can you say girl anthem? hollaaa. [And let's be honest, they aren't her greatest lyrics but like that even matters right now.]

Sweaters. scarves. layering. boots. I need fall to happen sooner. (this subject seems to be a reoccurring theme on my blog).

baby girl knows what I'm talking about.

The Christmas card that I started working on three weeks ago. So I get a little ahead of myself.

All things hearts. I'm a sucker for hearts.

oh and hot chocolate. I'm a sucker for that, too. 

My secret stash of baby clothes that I have purchased on sale over the past couple of years.

The dresser I bought for $5 at the thrift store and fixed up. Not to mention, my recent success at thrift/antique stores. We are currently using said dresser to put our TV on because we haven't bought an entertainment center. So I can't take pictures to put up due to the dresser being surrounded by Xbox cords. oh the joys.

The comeback of hair bows. I've been waiting for this since age 7.

The progress and positive changes I have been making in my life. Another post about this to come later.

and let's just throw in these last two outfits. just for kicks.

so that's that.


  1. Okay seriously! I cannot wait for her album! One day before my birthday!

  2. love those earrings and sweaters!
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