May 2, 2011

Home of the Brave

I'm grateful for the everyday freedoms that we enjoy.

I'm grateful for the patriotic people who understand and appreciate what it means to be an American Citizen.

I am grateful that this is a land of opportunity.

I am grateful for all the many cultures and nationalities in this country. It's what makes America so great.

But particularly right now... I am so grateful for this awesome country that we live in and for the troops that are fighting and have fought for our freedom. The sacrifices they make are tremendous and if any of you have family or friends in the service, know that I am grateful for your sacrifice as well as theirs. 

With the death of Osama Bin Laden, a lot of people have debated on whether or not we should be celebrating the death of another human being. I don't really think it's as much of a celebration over a death, as it is a celebration of progress made.

This is a celebration of the closure that it brought to so many who have lost loved ones.

It is about the beginning of the end of the war on terrorism. 

It is about remembering those who lost their lives on September 11th. 

It is about celebrating the dedicated troops and fallen warriors who have fought for 10 years to bring this to an end. 

It is not necessarily about the death of another human being, but celebrating the lives of so many others who have sacrificed for the wellbeing of everyone- in the US and throughout the world.

"Land of the Free, Because of the Brave"

I love America. Cuz we're legit, son. 


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