March 17, 2014

I said yes to...

Lately I find myself saying "Yes" to a lot more things than I used to. I'm pretty prone to getting overly-anxious about things, especially when they're last minute or spontaneous. I'm finding that contrary to what your DARE teacher said, saying yes to things is a lot more fun.

I said yes to…

A last minute trip to the Rio Frio Fest to see the Josh Abbott band with my favorite friends. And then I said yes to a 13-year-old who asked me to dance.

Attending an ADEA dental school conference and recruitment fair. I was so nervous about going. To be honest I've been nervous about this whole process because it's such a huge investment of time, money, and probably my sanity. But each step I take, I feel better and better about my decision. So I'm saying yes to going to dental school and it feels awesome. My husband has been the best pep talker and motivator throughout my schooling. He believes in me and never fails to tell me. Love that guy.
Took this picture to show my mom that I was doing grown uppy stuff. So don't judge a bathroom selfie. Plus those hand dryers in the back are my favorite. Dyson knows what's up. 

Letting myself watch 6 episodes in a row of New Girl. Before I knew it, I had been staring at the screen for 3 hours. Gross right? I've never been a TV watcher. We don't even have cable actually because neither of us really care to. But when I found this show on Netflix it was love at first Schmidt. (That won't make sense if you've never seen it, so your loss for not participating in the goodness.)

Eating 4 cookies at our church luncheon yesterday. Sorry. But what happened was I always bring snacks to church because I eat every couple of hours like a baby. Well yesterday I had some meetings before church and I didn't get to pack my snacks. So by the time church was over and it was time to have our lunch, I just scarfed those bad boys down.
And it may have been 5 cookies but I will neither confirm nor deny that.

Trying out this avocado and egg hair mask. If you're not familiar with this beauty blog, you need to be.

And although my heart is saying no, my head is saying yes to being productive on my last day of Spring Break. Which means I have to go to the grocery store so I'll probably see you next Spring Break when I actually post again.

xo natasha.

and I have to give credit to this awesome and hilarious blog for the "I said yes" style post inspiration.


  1. I sure love reading your blog. :) It's so much fun to see where everyone we knew from high school is at and what they're up to. You look like your are living life to it's fullest and enjoying it, too! So happy for you! LOVE your blue skirt by the way, so dang cute. I also think you will make an awesome Dentist. Kick butt!

    1. You are so sweet Linsey, thank you! I agree, it's so fun to see where everyone ends up in life. Thank you for your sweet words :) xo