March 11, 2014

10 Things to Know About Texans

#1. In Texas, everyone drives a truck. But you don't call them trucks, you call them pick-ups. And 8 times out of 10, that pick-up is white. (Ours included, but I'm just saying.)

#2. They refer to San Antonio as San Antone.

#3. Texan women love and I mean love their initials. Everything is monogrammed and I've noticed this especially among the college-aged girls at school. Headbands, backpacks, car stickers, dresses, pillows, and even leather boots. So, NLV for life fools. Those are my initials, if you didn't catch on to that one.

#4. Cowboy boots are for everyone. In Utah if you are wearing cowboy boots you are either a) a legitimate cowboy/cowgirl or b) going to a Tim McGraw or Taylor Swift concert or the rodeo so you're turning in your regular shoes for the evening to look the part (that was totally me).

But here, you own them no matter what your personal style of lifestyle is. #gangstathugsincowboyboots  In other words I need to get some real cowboy boots.

Exhibit A: Me and my poser sisters 3 years ago at the Taylor Swift Concert. Our cowboy boots are probably from Target. I think Target Cowboy boots are actually illegal in Texas probably. 

#5. You may have noticed this in country songs. They refer to jeans as "blue jeans." I thought this was just a song-writing poetic gesture to more accurately describe the jeans, but I was wrong. Jeans here are blue jeans. and you say it like it's one word: bluejeans.

#6. This one is one of my favorites. You're sitting in a classroom of 100 people and the teacher is in the middle of lecturing and someone sneezes.

What I would expect: The person next to that sneezing person leans over and says "Bless You".
What happens in Texas: At least 5 people yell (no seriously, it's a big room so they yell) "Bless you" across the entire room, regardless of whether or not the professor is in the middle of a sentence.

I was in the downstairs lobby of a building and sneezed and I see a kid lean over the railing and yell "Bless you!" I love it. Everyone is so nice they just want to bless the crap out of you when you sneeze.

#8. The college girls man, they're not messing around with their sororities. I know a lot of people all over are into sororities too, but I never knew it was this big of a thing. I don't even know what the purpose of a sorority is, but these girls sure as heck do and they believe in them with all of their blonde hearts. Like I fully expect to see Elle Woods leading a sorority meeting, maybe even wearing a monogrammed headband.

#9. Texans love to use "y'all" as much as possible. This is a well known fact, obviously but it can't be underestimated. Sometimes I think if I didn't know what to say in an awkward conversation I could just say "y'all"in a sympathetic voice and nod my head and it would be the perfect thing to say. So if you tend to get yourself in awkward situations a lot like yours truly, try that one out sometime.

I used to despise the word y'all and my in-laws would tease me about it, but it has really grown on me. My sister-in-law even got me this adorable gold-leaf print that I proudly hung on my wall.

Here are a few more Texas words and phrases:
"I'm fixin' to go to the grocery store."
"Chunk"- This word is the equivalent to "toss." Instead of "You can just toss that stack of paper" (as in throw it away). In Texas,  it's "You can just chunk it." The first time I heard it I had to clarify 3 times what exactly I was supposed to do with something to "chunk" it.
Instead of "I got an A last semester" it's "I made an A last semester."
The word "ugly" is used to describe someone who is being rude or snobby. "I hope I didn't sound ugly when I said your obsession with the Kardashians is freaking me out" or "I went in there the other day and the lady at the register was so ugly to me."

#10. Texans love Texas. Like, probably even more than the average person loves their mom. Even more than they loved monograms and camouflage. If you've ever known anyone from Texas, you know what I'm talking about.

There's a quote that says "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could."

I remember seeing this quote when I first moved to Texas and I probably rolled my eyes. But it's grown on me just like Texas has. There have been countless times where I find myself thinking how much my I love this place. On Saturday night I went to a new little hangout spot in town (click here to see how adorable this place is). It's an old airplane hangar that was turned into a little dancing hangout and restaurant. I listened to a live band play country music and watched people two-step on the dance floor. I feel so happy in moments like that. I love and adore Texas and all of it's state pride, bless you's, and y'alls. I know that right now this is where I'm supposed to be.

Look how cute little Gabby is in her cowboy boots. She's a real gem of a Texan. 

if you want to see the best sunrises in the world, Texas if where you need to be.

Have a great week, y'all. ;)

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