November 22, 2013

Story of My Life in 250 Words...


Just kidding. Those words don't count in the 250. Plus basically the only thing I've conquered in life is my ability make a lot of jokes where I'm the only one laughing.

The real 250 starts now:

Born and raised in Salt Lake City.

The close relationship I have with my family has defined my life.

My hobbies growing up were dance and girly. Girly is a hobby, you know.

Lost myself beginning in high school, but never lost my testimony of the gospel.

After years of wanting to get back on track, one Sacrament Meeting talk finally did it for me and I turned my life around that very day. I met Clint shortly after that.
There's no doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father was waiting to put him in my life when I was ready.
And boy am I glad I was ready. 

Knew I wanted to marry him after less than a week. Got engaged 2-ish months later and everyone thought we were crazy. (Looking back, we were pretty crazy.)

When I finally slowed down for a second and thought about it, I second guessed myself for about 20 minutes. Then my angel of a mother gave me a church magazine article on how life is about constant progression and my doubt disappeared immediately.

Now we are married and we do a pretty dang good job at it (4 years. Holla!). Currently living in the smallest, cutest town in Texas; both graduated from college and living a grown up life, but mostly we would rather stay home and build blanket forts or something.

No babies yet. Mostly just Crossfit.

Besides the obvious, these are the things I love most in life:
Christmas (obvi)
abbreviating words when it's unnecessary.
my bed
and sparkly stuff. 

So there you have it.

[Also this was more than 250 words but no one has ever accused me of having too little to say.]


PS. do you guys watch New Girl? Talk about my soul mate tv show.

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