May 4, 2013

Liberating: Tending to set free.

The feeling of running at that golden time of night. Running in general has always been very liberating to me. I don't think I necessarily like running itself. I think I like the way I notice the world around me and how everything seems to slow down. I feel like it's just time for me and I can sort through my thoughts. At "gold time" this feeling magnifies by 100 and I'm addicted to it.

The feeling that even though I'm far from home, I know that I am where God intended me to be.

The feeling of speaking my mind. I've always been one to keep my mouth closed and be very passive, sometimes to a fault. This is something I've been working on- to speak even when confrontation is uncomfortable if it means standing up for myself, my beliefs, or the people I care about.

The feeling of pushing myself and my body to work harder than my mind tells me it can. Fitness is very mental to me and I'm slowly overcoming the mental blocks of when I think I can't push forward.

The feeling that I am becoming the woman that I always knew I wanted to be.

There's just something to be said about liberating moments. And life in general.


  1. I only wish I had the thoughtful awareness you seem to have at this time in your life. I felt so hurried in my 20's. Hurry to marry, graduate, have a career, kids...
    It is only now, several years later, I am growing to appreciate my "gold times" in life. Keep inspiring others with your ability to find YOU. Way to go.

    1. You're always the sweetest. Thank you Wym!