March 28, 2013

Mid Life Crisis Or Something.

I haven't cut more than an inch or two off of my hair since 7th grade. You know, back when you had shorter hair and curled it outwards just at the bottom so it flipped up? Those days. I'm going to go ahead and say that between the hair flip-out style and my braces, I was a solid awkward 10. Bless my heart.

I was playing around with the layers in my hair, and tucked the longer layers behind and pulled the shorter layers up front to see what my hair would look like short (get a life, right?) 

So then I decided that I'm cutting this nonsense off. 

And I'm saying it now because my appointment is in 10 hours and if I'm not held accountable, I'll wimp out and tell her to just trim it instead. But I need a change. I stick to my comfort zone way too often (as in 11 years too often), which is honestly one of the things that's driving me to do it the very most. So here goes nothing. And 6 inches of my hair.



  1. I love this because I'm exactly the opposite. I have to consciously tell myself almost every day not to cut my hair some crazy way and color it blue. Having my natural hair color and only cutting it for healthy trims for the last two years has been QUITE a task for me.

    It's going to look cute!

    PS- How do you do your hair every day to give it that natural wavy look? And how often do you wash it?

    1. I need to be more like you! But I absolutely love your natural hair color. It's perfect for you.

      I have to wash my hair every single day, or at least every other day (but that's pushing it). My hair gets oily really quickly. To do those curls, I use a 1" curling iron and start by clamping at the top and curling and then move my way down. Does that make sense?

  2. it's going to be so cute! i'm excited to see it. my husband's the crazy kind of guy that likes shorter hair, but i like my hair long, so every year i grow it out as long as possible, then chop it all off, then start the process all over again!

    1. You are sweet, thank you! That is funny my husband is exactly the opposite, he loves long hair. I was worried, but he says he likes it. He better say that. haha