November 17, 2012

The Thought Process of a Man

A True Story & First Hand Account By Natasha

Our friends invited us over for dinner last month for their son's birthday party. I'm all ready to go with my hair done and my new favorite sweater. My dear husband has on basketball shorts and goes into the closet to get dressed. "I'm impressed he's changing," I thought to myself. As he is trying to pick out what he should wear, I stand there fascinated as I literally see the narration that is occurring inside his male brain.

"Right now I have basketball shorts on, I'll just throw on a T-shirt."

*Reaches right hand towards T-shirt section.

"Waaaait a second. We are going to a birthday dinner! I couldn't possibly wear a T-shirt and basketball shorts. Plus I will get points from my wife for her not having to tell me to put something else on. Totally. Awesome."

*Reaches left hand towards polo section. Exits closet smiling, clearly pleased with his thought process and quite convinced that he has most definitely stepped it up a notch by pairing the basketball shorts with a nicely fitted polo.

Business on top, party on bottom. Rock on, men. Rock on.

So true. Yet so adorable.
 love that guy.

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