June 22, 2012

secret stuff.

I have 7 little secrets I am about to share. And then you can thank me later.

1. veryjane.com. this website has the best deals ever. The website is mostly shops from Etsy that post awesome daily deals on this website. Like these beautiful baby blankets that I completely fell in love with. (Clint, if the blush pink one somehow ends up in our mailbox, it definitely wasn't me that ordered it. Must have been my mom or something. probably.)

Thanks Somer for showing me this website! And also, please sign your name at the bottom of this post saying that you will not press charges against me for the divorce your husband files because of the amount of money you spend here. Ok thank you. read on.

2. Forever 21 is having their bogo sale. So buy one get one free on all sale items. oh dear this post is getting expensive isn't it? But I am proud to tell you that I did not buy anything at this particular sale.

3. Sometimes I look at blogs on my phone and I absolutely hate the "mobile phone view." So maybe you guys know this, but if your screen looks like this...

...then you can scroll down to the bottom and click on "view web version" and this is what it looks like.

4. It is almost my half birthday. Which I consider to be just as important as my whole birthday because a December birthday often gets the nod. So think about that little bit of information next time you decide to ignore your mother's/sister's/best friend's/brother's December birthday, ya big jerk.

5. Greek yogurt is disgusting right? I am talking 100% plain greek yogurt. [And if you don't think it's gross you seriously have something wrong with your taste buds or your genes or something maybe.] Well I have been trying to make myself like it and have tried so many brands. because I am all about equal opportunity, you know? So yesterday I finally found the cure to greek yogurt. I just added some vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, mashed up strawberries, and some whole blueberries (don't skip these, they add a lot of the sweetness) and it didn't even taste like rotten milk at all.

6. If you need a new little craft or hobby, try embroidery. I decided to try it last week and I love it! It's easy to learn how to do and it's pretty inexpensive. I found this pattern on the Sarah Jane Studios Etsy shop for only $6. It also came with a little boy pattern which I haven't done yet. This picture is kind of a weird color but whatever.

7. The Glee Project is back on. booyah. You can watch it on hulu. And if you want to see one of the best ever and most original versions of Coldplay's song Fix You, click here

And my last secret that doesn't really benefit anyone is that I accidentally shaved a bald spot in Clint's hair while cutting it. And it.was.awesome. Funniest thing I have ever done, but that's because I was able to fix it. well, for the most part. oops.

have a beautiful weekend my friends. And if you have any secrets, you better not be holding out on me.

xoxo, Tosh.

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