June 1, 2012

Here's to you.

To the beautiful Texas sky that I was able to witness last night.

To the 65-year-old man at the gym who insists on grunting "Someone's gotta do it," with each bicep curl.

To the first day of June, in all it's summertime glory.

To my little sisters who light up my life, even from 1200 miles away.

To the absolutely genius stylist of the band, One Direction. Whoever you may be.

To the two wonderful friends who sent me beautiful and heartfelt messages, taking a deep stab to my crybaby side.

To Bre and baby Amari, for letting my sisters-in-law and I plan a sweet little sunshiny baby shower.

To the new friend who sent me a text with the phrase "BYOB," of which, despite the fact that I don't drink, confirmed my status as a grown woman.

To the wonderful man I'm married to, who is just a little boy inside- and I absolutely adore it.

To the city of San Antonio, for only being an hour away so that I can maintain my sanity while living in a small town.

To the genius Sydney from the daybook blog, for this beautiful post.

To my best friend Amber, who is the kind of friend that you know you will have through every stage of life.

To all my little Belizean babies who I miss more than words can express.

And to my mom and sister, for taking such sophisticated actions in duct taping Bostyn's diaper when she constantly insists on ripping it off. And of course to Bostyn, who is the world's cutest baby with absolutely wild hair.

This one is for you, champ.


  1. i love your blog tosh and i always keep checking for new posts! miss you from far far away!!

    1. You're so sweet Cass. I love reading yours as well. Love you and that blue eyed baby of yours!

  2. great post, girl! and amen to the stylist for one direction. too perfect!
    xo TJ