May 10, 2011

oh hey guys

it's just me here. Bummin. That's what Clint calls it when I pout. Which I kind of am right now because I am    B O R E D. This is one activity I came up with while I was bored:

I'm lame. So sue me. I've never really played with one of these photobooth things so, what can I say?

If any of you have played with photobooth on your computer, you know that it's just the camera on your computer and you can see yourself on the screen.. I don't know why I'm explaining this, we're living in 2011 here, so anyways. While I was playing with the photobooth thing on Clint's computer, I had to stop because if you know me, I get scared super easy, and I kept imagining how scary it would be if I was just minding my own business, taking those pictures and what not, and then I saw a bad guy walking behind me because he broke into my house. So I had to turn the camera off and find something else to do, besides let my imagination run wild. 

Here's what has been going on lately with maybe a few things that are irrelevant...

I don't have a job yet, so some days I get really bored. But for some reason, my mom doesn't really think it's necessary to talk to me for 5 hours straight or anything like that. The reason why is beyond me. just kidding mom, I love you.

Just a thought I've been having lately...I think that as a society, we should not let people use the term "" We also shouldn't let people claim that they have "haters," or that they have their "hater blockers" on. Those are sunglasses. And despite what that ever-so-inspiring song says, your sunglasses aren't going to block you from any of your haters. Which leads us back to point A, you don't have any haters.

The place that we live is a pretty nice area. There aren't any ghettos around that I'm aware of. But maybe I am wrong because I am pretty positive that I saw a lady wearing a bullet proof vest while walking on this trail near our house. I swear it.

Oh duh. Why didn't I bring this up sooner? My older brother is engaged. They're not getting married until a year from August, but I'm super excited for them. Congrats Zach and Sammi. Haha who am I kidding? They would never read a blog. But you know, it's the cool thing to do I guess.

Clint just bought me a fresh pair of nikes. I love them because my feet get really hot sometimes and then I panic for some reason. But these sweethearts have little breather hole things that keep my feet cool when I work out. So if any other weirdos out there panic when your feet get hot, here's your solution:


Yesterday while I was cooking dinner, part of my apron got on the stove and almost lit on fire. So I don't know, maybe yesterday in the kitchen was a bad day that would have been filled with bleeps if I were on a real life cooking show.

My little Vietnamese grandpa, Ong, just got facebook. Haha my grandma said he is on it constantly. such a proud grand daughter right now. My sweet little creeper, Ong. So if you're lookin for a handsome face to add on fb...

Ok I have to go cook dinner. seeyalata.

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  1. Haha you're too cute. Just reading your blog makes my day.