April 6, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Things I l♥ve right now...

My Norah Jones Pandora radio station

The tv show "What Not to Wear." Mostly I love the hair and make up makeover part.

Mint girl scout cookies. tis the season.

Heels. I just bought these little darlings two weeks ago. and they may or may not kill my feet. beauty is pain my friends, beauty is pain.
and also now I want these. please and thank you.. Clint. :]

Ruffles... hence the shoes I just bought and these adorable dresses

Spending more time on my make up. I really used to only wear mascara and sometimes bronzer (only in the winter). But now I love spending more time and adding the extras like eyeshadow and blush. I feel like it's an art to me now and not just a hassle.

Vintage inspired jewelry.

Floral prints. ok, everyone is into these right now. But I've always loved them. I'm going to sew a cute floral dress this summer. You just wait. [this dress and the two necklaces above are both from Ruche, my new favy ♥

Cake decorating. that's a lie, because I've never even decorated a legit cake in my life (however, I do plan to this summer). So what I meant to say is cake decorating shows.

Barnes and Noble. Something about it is so relaxing.

Doodling. I've actually always done this. I'm pretty sure I got it from my mom. I love drawing ideas or designs on my homework, church programs, my notes from class, and my 3 month old niece Bostyn's head. ok not really the last one. I almost majored in graphic design, but decided not to. I still would love to do it, so lucky for me my sister in law is a graphic designer and has been teaching me some fun stuff on the computer. I'll have to put up some of the things I've come up with.

Using the term "When in Rome" with my sisters. And especially using it when it doesn't make sense.

Going to the chiropractor. He's a miracle worker. I love him so much, I want to buy him a bff necklace.

OPI's "You Don't Know Jacques" fingernail polish. Sorry to whoever I stole this googled picture from. I know it's kind of a wintery color, but whatev.

mixing perfumes (my favorites to mix are Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue and the Victoria's Secret Pink fresh and clean.)

And of course, how could you not love this little chunky sweetheart of a niece, Bostyn?

that's about it. Take it all in people, because by next week I'll probably be over a lot of them. When in Rome. ;)


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  1. you make my days.
    heart your adopted native american sister beej, bj, b, bee, beejayy...yeah you get the picture :)

    muahhhh :*